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News From So Like Yourself:



               A Message from Jose F, aka Matt aka The Bassist + Fast Freddie, aka Doug aka The Guitarist.

                        Hey, we added some more pics and stuff.  We are working on recording some better stuff for all of our loyal fans. Cool.


               A Message from Fast Freddie, aka Doug.

                        I just wanted to say, damn i forgot. I love Jay Turner!



                A Message from the Bassist, Matt.

                       Alright cool, today I finally got some real progress done, put up some crappy, but listenable audio clips.  Mostly finished the site just need to add the content, videos when we make some, the events when we get some, better audio, more pictures, everything that is needed for a successful self-promotion website.  Look out for our ep that will be "droppin" some time soon, check out the audio for now, hopefully we will make it better for the people of the world soon. I think thats it... enjoy.



                A Message from the Guitarist, Doug.

                        Hey what's up, this is our brand new site, nothing is really finished.  Support us by buying our EP, which will be sold for $5 per cd.  The   cd entitles (so far..) 7 tracks.  Its just a little you could do for us.  Check out the Bio's page for our bands stuff, I guess, you know how it is, by the way, O'Doul Rules!