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Egg Incubators Heater Bird Egg Heater

Egg Incubator

Egg Incubators Heater Bird Egg Heater

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Incubator for eggs

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The modern egg incubators and egg heaters that are available on the commercial market come in a large variety of shapes and can perform many functions.

An egg incubator can be a simple container that has a basic heating system and attractive packaging to entice an unsuspecting consumer.
This form of incubator has a simple lamp contained within the incubator body to provide heating.
The incubation failure rate for this type of heating system is very high.

A successful incubation of eggs should produce around 80% of live, healthy chicks.
An incubator that relies on a simple filament light will generally only produce a small batch of live chicks.

Incubators for eggs can also come with the highest of technical standards.
The top range of incubator will have an array of time saving controls and heating systems that will help to eliminate most human errors.
These forms of incubators for eggs are controlled by micro computers and return the highest rate of successful hatching.

Most incubators are designed to incubate the eggs and dry the new chicks. The birds are then transferred to another holding area.

If heating is required for a birds holding pen then a small and portable heater may be found at this site

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Egg humidity



A large selection of fans and heaters that are ideal for birds can be found at
The fans and heaters are weather proof and have double insulation for protection.
The heaters and fans are on a clearance sale at the moment and prices have been drastically reduced.

A small incubator for eggs that is economical to operate.

The egg incubator has full insulation to the incubator body. This will help to prevent the loss of heat from the interior of the small incubator.

Egg incubater

Body insulation will also assist in reducing any temperature fluctuations within the egg incubator due to changes in the outside temperature. Humidity and humid days will not affect the operation of the incubator for eggs.
Consistent results in the hatching process will be experienced due to the quality of the incubators construction.

Egg hatcher

Operating cost will be reduced due to the minimization of heat loss through the egg hatcher walls.
The egg hatcher has a molded body that will withstand the harshest of treatment.


Cleaning of the egg incubator is simplified due to the design of the egg incubator.
All edges of the incubator are contoured to allow easy and quick fumigation.

Sterilization of the EGG INCUBATOR is made simple as the INCUBATOR is weather proof.

Egg incubator

A built in thermostat automatically regulates the incubating chambers temperature maintaining the optimum heat setting required for successful incubation of eggs.

Full automation of the egg incubator ensures that once your setting has been entered the incubator will remain at that setting for the full incubation period.

Humidity for an egg incubator

The small and compact egg incubator has a built in water reservoir that will produce the desired level of humidity within the incubator.
Humidity levels within the incubating chamber can be maintained when in transit.

A large selection of fans and heaters that are ideal for birds can be found at
The fans and heaters are weather proof and have double insulation for protection.
The heaters and fans are on a clearance sale at the moment and prices have been drastically reduced.

Incubating eggs

The egg incubator can operate on a transformer or battery (not included) when used as a bench incubator. In transit the incubator can be plugged into a vehicle auxiliary power socket to maintain the correct level of humidity and temperature within the egg chamber.
An auxiliary power lead is supplied with every incubator. Dimensions of the compact egg incubator are 90 mm diameter (3.5 inches) and a height of 60 mm (2.3 inches)

The internal dimensions of the compact incubator are 8o mm (2.6 inches) diameter with a height of 25 mm (1 inch).The interior is elliptical in shape.

The egg incubator is a modern and compact incubator that is ideal for transporting incubating eggs or hatching eggs at home.

The molded impact resistant shell of the egg incubator ensures that it is impact resistant.

Humidity levels can be maintained at home and while the incubating egg is in transit.

The correct incubating temperature will be maintained at home or when transporting the eggs by an automatic thermostat and the ability to draw power from the transport vehicle.

Cleaning and disinfection of the egg incubator is a simple choir. The interior of the egg incubator is a molded elliptical chamber that is very easy to clean.

The outer shell of the egg incubator has no sharp edges that can damage other luggage while in transit.
Weight of the egg incubator is only a few gram (ounces) making transportation of incubating eggs by a suitable commercial carrier an economical proposition.

Price of the compact and versatile incubator is only $44
incubator for eggs
A large range of heaters and fans for birds are available at this web site.
The heaters are weather proof and have no sharp edges that may injure your pets.

Another site also has heated perches and bird bath heaters plus a large range of heaters that are ideal for bird aviaries can be found HERE The heaters have double insulation and birds can safely perch on the outer case.

Fans for birds and other small pets are displayed at at warmpets web site

The pet fans have a filtering system built into the unit. This ensures that only clean air is used to cool your pets.

They also have a number of compact and portable misting fans and evaporator fans.

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