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Coloring Egg Embryo

Coloring Egg Embryo

Coloring Egg Embryo

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Colouring egg embryo

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egg incubator



Colored bird chicks

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Coloring eggs before the chicks hatch can be useful as an aid in tracking of wild birds and also as a novel way of enhancing the birds beauty.
The egg or embryo colouring does not harm the chicks if the correct procedures are used.
The coloring will eventually disappear as new feathers emerge. Most birds will display the coloring at its most vibrant for approximately two weeks.

Humidifier for an egg incubator

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Coloured bird chicks

Coloring of the bird eggs or embryo is commenced no later than two weeks into the incubation period of the egg.
Egg colouring is achieved by injecting a food dye into the egg.

This method of bird chick coloring has a high success rate as long as hygiene and careful handling of the egg is observed. The correct humidity level and temperature, plus duration of incubation must also be maintained.

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Cleaning bird eggs

Cleaning the bird eggs will be required for protection against infection.
If caution and hygiene is not consistent when dyeing a bird then the failure rate can be high and dead and deformed birds may be the result.

For deeper colors ( colours ) a larger amount of food dye can be injected into the egg but care must be exercised not to flood the bird egg cavities.

egg incubator With the completion of chicks egg marking the hole created at the small top end of the egg used to inject the dye color can be sealed with any sterile composition.

If the marked birds are to be released into the wild at a future date then the style of marking and branding used should not compromise the birds natural defensive camouflage.

bird colors

Birds Eggs coloring and marking chicks has to be carried out with sterilized equipment to achieve consistent results.
Injecting the colored dye into the egg with a needle must be done with great precision.
The needle should not be allowed to penetrate into the egg to deep.
Injecting the coloring dye into the egg must be should be performed in a slow and steady motion.

When the method of colouring birds with single colors has been mastered multiple colors ( colours ) can then be attempted.

Extra care is required for multiple colors as the egg will require another color injection at a later stage of embryo development ( approximately two weeks ). By this time the embryo will have taken up a larger area of space within the bird egg.

The egg will also require a new hole pierced and the risk of infection will be greater.

Marking of birds

is a simple and harmless operation when proper care and hygiene is maintained throughout the bird coloring procedure.

A good rate of success for branding birds will be achieved.
Select only the amount of eggs that can be marked within half an hour. Selected eggs will require candling to check for good embryo growth.

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Candling bird eggs

Candling bird eggs should be carried out with a light that has a strong and narrow beam of light. Discard any eggs that are malformed or cracked.
Candled eggs that display unusual deformities or contamination within the shell should also be discarded.

Decontaminate bird eggs

Bird egg shells can be cleaned with a gentle sanding to decontaminate the eggs surface. Scrape of the larger pieces of contaminate and gently clean the eggs surface with light strokes.

Select bird eggs for marking that are relatively clean.
Handle selected eggs for marking with care.

Disinfecting bird eggs

To properly disinfect the eggs after cleaning will require the disinfectant and water to be slightly higher in temperature than the egg.

An egg cleaned or decontaminated with disinfectant dissolved in cool water will absorb the cleaning solution through the pours of the egg shell.

The embryo will be killed if exposed to excessive fumigation.
Insufficient fumigation will fail to kill all the bacteria present.

Branded birds

that have hatched should be removed from the incubator when they have dried and puffy down feathers.
If removed while still in a wet state may result in the death of the chick.

To keep marked birds warm a heater can be placed in the hatching area. A large range of small heaters can be found at this web site for heating. The heater will help maintain a humid environment for the birds.

Marked birds after incubation

Marked birds should be able to walk and appear active.

A one hour time period would be the shortest time permitted for being left in the egg incubator after hatching. Twenty four hours is the maximum time that chicks can be left safely within an incubator.
Air flow within a bird eggs incubator vital towards the end of the incubating period.
Proper ventilation will remove the carbon dioxide that is created during the incubation process.
The requirements for air increases as the incubation period progresses. Once the colored bird embryo starts breathing it is important to increase and maintain a larger airflow into the incubator.

The air flow must not be compromised while attempting to balance the humidity level.

Sterile eggs

Cleaning the eggs that have been selected for marking and incubation should not be required if the nesting area is kept clean and the bird eggs are frequently collected.

Eggs have a host of defenses that will stop bacteria from entering the shell.
Washing of the bird eggs shell will remove a lot of the eggs natural defenses.
The water can also act as a carrier for bacteria and assist in bacteria entering the egg.

A bird egg incubator kept clean and set with clean eggs will help in producing a good hatch.
Always have sterile hands when handling the eggs.
The oil and grease on a hand can delay the hatch or kill the embryo.

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Rough treatment of eggs during turning can break the blood vessels of the eggs embryo.

The last three days of incubation require no egg turning.
The embryo is moving into the hatching position.

Colored chicks

Bird colors Injecting a dye into an egg for chick coloring will require only one effort.

A good success rate will be obtained if the colouring of the birds egg is carried out between the first and second week of incubation.

Incubating coloured chicks

At this stage of incubation the coloured chick embryo is beginning to reach a size that occupies a larger space within the egg.

The embryo occupies a larger space at this period of incubation and any colouring of the egg at a later stage of incubation may result in the colour remaining localized or patchy.

Incubating colored chicks

Do not flood the egg cavities with the dye filled syringe by using excess pressure.
Selection of the colored chick eggs to be incubated should be fresh and relatively clean.

Dye used in the coloring of the chick before incubation can be a standard food grade dye.
This dye does not need any sterilization and may be used directly from the dye container. The birds are generally not affected by the strength of food dye used.

bird colours The nesting area of the chicks or aviaries can be kept warm with the use of a small heater from here.

Coloured bird chicks

To inject the egg requires the small end of the egg to be sterilized with an alcohol mix or something similar.
Injecting of the coloring should only be done at the small end ( pointy end ) of the egg.

Chicks with a natural white coloring create the most effective display of colouring.
The colours that appear most vibrant are the greens, blues and reds. The display from lighter colours that are close to the natural color of the birds will not be as dramatic.

When the birds eggs have been sterilized the small end of the egg shell is pierced with a pointed instrument to create a small hole approximately the size of the hypodermic needle that is to be used.

Position the hole 12 millimeters ( 1/2 inch ) down from the top of the small end of a standard size egg.
The size of the hypodermic needle to be used to inject the dye into the egg shell will be no thicker than a 27 gauge needle and no longer than 25 millimeters ( 1 inch ) in length. A large range of heaters and fans for birds are available at this web site.
The heaters are weather proof and have no sharp edges that may injure your pets.

Another site also has heated perches and bird bath heaters plus a large range of heaters that are ideal for bird aviaries can be found HERE The heaters have double insulation and birds can safely perch on the outer case.

Fans for birds and other small pets are displayed at at warmpets web site

The pet fans have a filtering system built into the unit. This ensures that only clean air is used to cool your pets.

They also have a number of compact and portable misting fans and evaporator fans.

bird colours

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