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Welcome To My Pictures Page

this is me. I am 17 years old and am a junior at Waverly High School. I am not obsessed with the weight room like my brother although I am trying to get bigger and stronger so that I can be ready for the basketball season next year. I am also responsible, hardworking, and dedicated to my goals and beliefs.

This right here is my brother he is the type of a person that will help you in any way he can as long as you don't bug him or ask nicely. He benches 345 lb. every day for 20 min, he works out every chance he gets.

This is another picture of nick, it was taken when he just woke up.


These are my parents/family members, my dad is standing and has a striped white shirt, my mom is sitting and has a pink top on, my brother is behind my mom and is wearing a blue shirt, my neighbor Shelby is the one sitting down with a green shirt on, and finally I am the tall one in-between my dad and brother.


The Tiger, what an astonishing animal, I would say that he is truly the King of the jungle, forget the lions.


The Siberian tiger, he is astonishing.

What a beautiful animal, too bad it is dangerous to humans.


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