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Welcome to My Hobbies Page

I have a lot of hobbies, some of my favorite being summer sports such as Basketball and Soccer. Summer time is my favorite time because there just are so may things that a person can do. Many people, some of them being my best friends complain about my statement, saying it is too hot to do anything during the summer, especially play soccer or basketball. But if nothing else you can go and swim, freshen up and cool down a little I always say to the people who hate summer time.

This Man here is a Soccer God, ever since I was born I've been watching him play He is known to be able to pull of the impossible which also earned him the nickname two-meter man, because he was able to dribble through 4 players in the range of two meters and score a goal. For most Soccer players to pull that off would have been an impossibility. By the way he is a Yugoslav from my country. CLICK MY PICTURE YOU MAY LIKE WHAT YOU SEE.
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