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Q. What's it like to me a mule?
A. Well, to tell you the truth it's kind of cool.

Q. Are you half donkey or are you half horse?
A. Why I'm half of each of course!

Q. I've heard that you are very strong.
A. I can carry a pack the whole day long.

Q. Yeah, but can you keep the eggs from breakin'?
A. I can walk so smooth, the aspen quit quakin'.

Q. Tell me something about your ears.
A. Just what is it you want to hear?

Q. Don't you get tired of carrying them around?
A. My ears aren't so long. They don't reach the ground.

Q. Is it true a coyote isn't safe around you?
A. I stomp em and tromp em until they turn blue.

Q. Well, I gotta admit you sure are a strange one.
A. Yep. that's why I'm special. I'm second to none!

by Kathy Dynge

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