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Donkey And Mule Poems

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We're thrilled to announce the first editions are available of Kathy Dynge's collection of Burro and Mule poetry, titled "All My Friends Have Longears".

Kathy's the happy companion to many donkeys and mules, and as most of you remember, Kathy and her donkey "Rangerdonk" were invited to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno not too long ago.

When Kathy isn't busy with the herd, you'll find her putting to paper her personal experiences she's shared with her beloved longears. She takes the reader from belly laughs to tears, and her down-home style is loved by all. We highly recommend you keep a box of tissue nearby!

You can purchase her book for $5 + $2 shipping, available at:

Equine Art Online

Credit cards are accepted (offering the fastest delivery). If you'd prefer, money orders & checks are also accepted. Ordering instructions are at the website listed above.

There's still time to order for Christmas, so treat yourself and your longear loving friends to a special gift that will be enjoyed for years!

Holly Cicchirillo

Equine Art Online An Internet Art Gallery, representing many artists, many mediums Shop securely online at

Equine Art Online

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