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My donkey doesn't pull a cart
He's much too small to ride.
And when he sees the vet drive up
He always runs and hides.

He's not much good for packing a load
Upon his tiny back.
But in so many other ways
He makes up for what he lacks.

He is the best alarm clock
Out here on this farm.
He'll tell you when it's feeding time
And meet you at the barn.

He knows just how to look at you
With those big brown eyes.
To make you see inside his heart
And know he's very wise.

He doesn't waste his energy
By running here and there.
And when I'm out fixin' fence
He's always in my hair.

He walks off with the hammer.
He walks off with my glove.
And when I am not looking
He'll give the wheelbarrow a shove.

Folks say, "Why do you keep him
If he's no better than that?
He's sure not very pretty
And his tail is like a rats!"

That's when I tell them the story
About my little friend.
Of how he made a lady smile
And helped her heart to mend.

I took him to a nursing home
Not too long ago.
To try and cheer the people up
Because their spirits were so low.

He walked up to a lady
Who was sitting in a chair.
He placed his head upon her lap
And there was magic in the air.

The lady reached and touched his neck
And a tear rolled down her check.
And when she smiled her eyes lit up.
It was the first time she'd smiled in weeks.

So see my donkey's special
And he has a job to do.
Because of his gentle nature
He made an old lady's heart feel new.

by Kathy Dynge

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