"When A Stranger's Not A Stranger At All"

Written By
Linda May Spivey~Bjorklund
"Many faces will pass before me and if I am not wary enough to look deep into his eyes and know who he is, then does that mean I am guilty of not believing in what I say I believe in."    Linda May

I saw him sitting on the curb, a quiet man dressed in clothing I had never seen before. His face was dirty and his hair lay down across his shoulders. His beard seemed to cover a hidden beauty and I sensed a breathtaking restlessness stirring within myself when I looked at him. I stopped and asked him what his name was. He did not answer. As I stood there looking at him I noticed he wore no coat for warmth, nor did he have shoes upon his feet. His piercing blue eyes seem to mesmerize me at he stared up at me. My heart pounded as I watched a tear roll down his cheek. Something stirred inside of me and I felt such a desire to reach out and touch him, to let him know somebody cared.

I took my coat off and wrapped it around his shivering shoulders and watched as the color of warmth returned to his face. I sat down next to him and digging into my purse I removed a sandwich I had not eaten earlier and handed it to him. I felt a jolt of excitement enter my body when his hand touched mine when he reached out and took the sandwich. He bowed his head and whispered some words I could not hear, then he slowly ate the sandwich. His hands were the softest hands I had ever felt before and I felt like grabbing and holding them forever. I handed him a bottle of water and even though I didn't know this man, I didn't want to leave him. But he'd been so quiet I wasn't sure what he was thinking so I stood up and started to walk away. I felt something-warm touch my back so I turned around to see where it was coming from. Tears stung my eyes when I saw an aura of light had engulfed this man and he smiled at me. I fell to my knees and reached out to touch him. I leaned as close as I could, needing to feel something I did not understand and knowing I could not walk away from this moment.

He slowly got up from the curb and stood in front of me. Our eyes met and never had I felt such a strong desire to know a stranger as I did this man right now. He placed my coat back around my shoulders, then kissed me on the top of my head. My body felt void of the pain I had endured throughout my life. My heart ached to know who he was, to know if he really was who I thought he might be. As if he had read my thoughts he spoke to me with a voice I would never forgot.

"You have been blessed today my child. You are a good person. You gave me clothing to give me warmth. You gave me food to fulfill my hunger. You gave me water to quench my thirst and you shed tears for me that my Father in Heaven and I will always remember. God bless you my child."

He walked away and as he did my life no longer felt empty of what it was I had been trying to find that was missing. The truths my own father had taught me my whole life had come to pass in a way I had never imagined. I remember my father's words as clearly as the first time he ever spoke them to me. "Be wary of turning your back on a stranger in need," he said, "for he may be the One who will see that you get into Heaven." The stranger, who really was no stranger at all, walked from my sight, but as he did I came to realize that during the few moments of my life spent with him, he had filled all the empty spaces of my life with the everlasting presence of his Glory. Praise be to God for he is ALL.

~ Linda May Spivey~Bjorklund~

Copyright 2004-2005-2006-2007

"The time will come to pass when we are judged for who we are, what we have done in our lives and who he knows us to really be."   Linda May

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