I wrote this poem, "Why God Made Mothers" as I reflected upon the memories I hold in my heart for my mother, Ernestina Gomez y Quinones de Spivey, who so sadly left us on 19 May 2005. Writing this was extrememly emotional for me as I envisioned her sitting with God back in the Garden in which she came from. Missing her is only part of what I feel, needing her is what makes my heart ache so much. I need to hug her, to tell her I love her or just have her hear me say, "I'm so glad you are my mom." She is missed so much, not only by me, but by those who ever loved or knew her. I know that Deany, EveySue and Ron, my sisters and brother, miss her just as much as I do, so this poem is also for them as well.

Mom with all of her children
Linda May, EveySue "Susie", Mom
holding Ron & Diana Lynn "Deany"


Mom and Dad with us children
EveySue, Linda May, Ron & Deany
Mom and Dad

"Why God Made Mothers"

When I was just a Spirited child
I played in the Garden with others,
Each day I asked HIM who I was
I also asked, "Who'll be my mother?"

HE didn't know I knew so much
But I had learned to listen,
I heard the prayers said by many
Through Spirited babies Christened.

HE told me she was someone special
A woman he could trust me with,
With love inside her beating heart
Who believes in miracles of myths.

She'll be the one who will hear you cry
Before you'll ever make a sound,
Who will cradle you inside her arms
Till dreams of US again are found.

She will whisper stories of her life
Even though you won't understand,
She'll tell you tales of a Garden she knew
As a Spirited child who held my hand.

So when you ask me who you are
I will tell you as I've told the others,
That you are all the special reasons
I took a day and made your mothers.

Written by Linda May Spivey~Bjorklund

In Loving Memory of Mother

Today my father and I made a trip up to see mom and his emotions were visible and his lips trembled as he spoke to her in Spanish. In his heart there is such a tremendous sense of loss, filled with a heartache that comes with having known and loved her for over 57 years of his life. His desire to hold her and care for her tears at his heart whenever he thinks about her being gone. I don't think that what he is feeling will ever go away. He loved her very much, just as we all did. In his prayers he wishes to be near her whenever God decides it is time, that he is ready when that time comes, and someday God will answer that prayer for him. Until then we will continue to share special moments together, visiting with her where she is laid to rest. Today we have beautiful flowers for her, ones with the colors she always loved.

"Happy Mother's Day Mom and may you know we are here. May you rest in peace."

"Although you are not here with us mom, you are in our prayers and thoughts today, just as you are every day. May you find Peace in knowing you were loved more than ever by all your family and your friends. Your voice will be heard for as long as we are here and your memory will live on forever.

Happy Mother's Day Mom. We all love you so much."

~ Deany, Linda May, Evey Sue, Ron and your loving husband, Claude ~

I am a member of a wonderful group of people, WOSIB, which is Women of Strength and Inner Beauty, and I am a part of the Literary Garden where we have challenges we can enter in within the month. During the month of April 2007, the poetry challenge was to write a poem about Why God Made Mothers and the above poem was the result of taking on that challenge. To my surprise I was awarded a 1st Place Award for this poem and I am so proud to add this to my collection. Like I said, writing this was not hard for me, mainly because I have many words that can be written about my mother that tumble inside my head. Thank you for coming in and sharing this day with me.


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