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"The Net is where the big fish catch the small ones, the Network is where the small fish organize to catch the big fish." -Heironymous Wingdang III

Content: Aesthetics of Self-Censorship

Our webzine is a organized series of spontaneous outbursts, nodes of resistance, counterculture speculations, and general hell-raising on any topic at all. Generally we hope to show the connections between the 'dots' of various resistance phenomena. Specifically, however, we want to focus on how economic and therefore political power attempts to control the social sphere through cultural mass media. If the argument ranges farther than that, there is some consolation in the intitial broadness of the topic. Submissions will be gleefully posted unless they brandish all the arms and armor of complete stupidity. The main thing is, do your homework and know your subject, or get your own webpage. Feel free, on the other hand to let this forum know what its homework is. Now, back to the homework.

This Week's Essay

The Christian intellectual, in an age where the 'demystifycation of the world' has run its course, wants to make sure that a complete purge of spiritualism doesn't take place. The ancient pagans were content with a fragmented godhead, the moderns are somewhat less than content with a fragmented self. Causal links...Fragmented godheads unify under a Christian tripartite god. Humans reflect the image of this multiple godhead, but when the godhead is just a cosmic mechanic, this determines specific outcomes. Either a new series of nature-spirits get taken into belief, or belief in nature-spirits dwindles - as we have seen happen.
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Slap your browser over to Slaphog, A Rock Slopera Site

Slaphog: A Rock Slopera

is just what it sounds like - In the tradition of the Rock Opera Tommy, Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, with influences from weirdness ranging from Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage to my own fascination with Henry Kaiser, Fred Frith and King Crimson, this music is eclectic and apocalyptic. (Or as Blake, guitarist and songsmith might say : Apokamystic) The Slopera is about Hogsnard LeFumier, brilliant and charismatic future rock star, whom the Evil Geezer (a brain in a vat) is attempting to control from infancy. The song cycle follows 'Snard as his parents and friends are replaced with robotic fiends (Automatic Insertion), to college where he is hooked on the designer drug the Geezer created to addict specifically him (Satanburger 50ccs) to his former girlfriend and current leader of the revolution (Juicy Mama) ending in...well, now - you'll just have to see what happens.

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