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You're probably here looking for the to-be famous eev.el. See the eev manifesto and my emacs page; you may also want to take a look at the escripts repository, at my .zshrc, at my .emacs, at some other files from my home machine or at some of my favorite hacks.

I also have pages with links on Emacs, Debian, Tcl/Tk, Forth, Icon, TeX, PostScript, HTML, Gnu, Linux, logic, straight mathematics, Haskell, functional programming, music and other important things.

If you live in Rio de Janeiro (like me!), please read this.

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I'm not very good at answering e-mail, but if you have something to say my address is edrx@inx.com.br. Questions and comments about eev.el or e-scripts are especially welcome.

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