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Sociology 204---Introduction to Sociology
Lane Community College (LCC)

Sociology 205---Social Stratification

Sociology 206---Institutions and Social Change

Sociology 208---Sports and Society

Sociology 302--Methods of Social Research
Willamette University (WU)

Sociology 225---Social Problems

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A Short Introduction to Sociology
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American Society
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Sociology 210---Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relations

Sociology 212---Social Control

Student Suggestions Topics

Note: If you select one of these do not need a Proposal...just do it. However, if you want to modify it or you come up with a suggestion of your own, you do need a Proposal and a suggested Point Value.

1. Interview someone currently or previously employed in some phase of the Juvenile Justice System. If you need help with questions, see me. (50 Pts)

2. Survey three (3) academic journals (different ones) in the juvenile justice field for topics being researched and/or writtten about. What patterns do you find? (30 Pts).

3. Interview two (2) victims of juvenile delinquency it relates to what happened and how they feel/think about it (and the juveniles). (30 Pts)

4. Interview two (2) juvenile it relates to what happened to them in the JJ System. Portray their point of view. (30 Pts)

5. Write your own "juvenile delinquency" autobiography. What kind of things did you do? If you weren't caught...why not? If you were caught, detail your experiences in the "system"...including how you felt, were treated, and the results. (Confidentiality is Assured) (50 Pts)

6. Interview a police officer about their views and practices relating to juvenile offenders. (35 Pts)

7. Arrange to "tag along" with some type of official in some phase of the Juvenile Justice System. The purpose would be to observe and explain their job from their point of view and then to analyze it from an outside point of view.

8. Interview a ranking official in a Juvenile Correctional Facility (i.e. some above the level of Correctional officer). Portray as accurately as possible the perspective of this individual...without agreeing or disagreeing with them. Then...provide your own commentary and analysis of what they have presented to you. (50 Pts)

9. Interview a juvenile corrections officer who works with offenders on a daily basis. Get a description of the job and how they do it and feel about it. (35 Pts)

10. Make contact with and speak to a representative of any organization (or individual) who focuses on "juvenile offender rights." Describe the what, why, and how of their focus. (50 Pts)

11. Arrange a tour of a juvenile correctional facility. Intensely and critically observe what you see, hear, and sense...then write a report on your tour. (50 Pts)