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S.V. Hammerschmiede Augsburg e. V.



Bernd started his career in this little team in the outskirts of Augsburg. He was 11 years old.

It was just two streets far from his little home flat.


The schule and the catholic church are close to the family home



This club was the closer one from home. Bernd's father, Dieter, was playing for this club during his life and he was happy his son Bernd start to play here at age 11. Actually, the boy  was too much young to play with, but the club faked a document to get the game of Bernd.

Then, with the real  name the club made the player ID:

Bernd also liked to play ice hockey and during winters he left the ball to get the stick for some weeks.
He was playing football in his block Hammerschmiede for 5 season, until he was 16. Then, the biggest club of Augsburg, FC Augsburg, was interested to sign up the boy, and Bernd's mother, Gisele, accepted the new team.

Summer in the swimming pool Ready to start another match...

SV Hammerschmiede official website

1.FC Augsburg E. V. (Germany)1976-78


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