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1. F.C. Augsburg e. V.


Trainer Schuhmann talks to Bernd in 1977

He drived a motorcicle to go to the trainings.

Bernd receives a Lyon statue as the best footballer of the city 1978.

The captain of the champion team in 1978

He played 10 caps for the U18 Germany

Young Bernd went to FC Augsburg in 1976, at age 16. He left SV Hammerschmiede to play for FC Augsburg Amateur (Jugend). He was soon the team captain.

Rosenau, home of th FC Augsburg

In his first season (1976/77), trainer Wenzel HALAMA found him very interesting. Nobody knew yet that the blond boy will be a star, more magical than HAELLER, more polemical than no one. Bernd began the adventure of playing in a big stadium. He was called for the U 18 nationalteam of Germany and played for 10 caps.

In his second season (1977/78), the squad and him upgrades the performance. Some mates like GREIFENEGGER got the national team, too. New trainer SCHUMANN, a former FCA defender, was excited with Bernd. "He ussually arrived the first one to the training, almost 15 minutes before the rest. And always his best effort", Schumann explains. Bernd drove a motorcicle to get the trainings. Snowing, raining, winter or spring, always the first one to come. If he missed a training he quickly excused . "He was not interested in girls like the other youngs, he was too shy. He just wanted to be a football star" his trainer remembers.

But he was a little bit special,"he never participated in common actions like meals or team discussions before the games,... simply never appeared.".

He played as a master the bavarian championship and the team arrived to the final match. Bernd scored for the FCA. The club got his first Young bavarian championship. In the German championship, the first round was planned vs. MSV Duisburg. The team lost with a tired Bernd on the field: He made a forbidden long trip before the match. Duisburg was the german national winner then.


Bernd scored the one and only goal of the bavarian final

The team won 1.FC Nueremberg (1:0) in 1978.

It was enough to show on the field what he could be and soon some Bundesliga clubs were interested. He signed first for Borussia Monchengladbach: he thouth the club of Vogts and Heynckes should be the right way,... but he never wears the Borussia Tshirt. There was some problems with the contract and FCA interests.

FC Koeln, current cup and Bundesliga Champions in 1978 is very interested. His trainers LOEHR and WEISWEILLER saw him in the nationalteam and they got Bernd's signature in a new contract. But Bernd, who was a FC Bayern Muenchen fan, thinks twice: without manager or advisors... he doesn't want to go far away from home in Augsburg, Cologne is too far, and his dream is Bayern Muenchen.

FCA Manager AMERELL called FC Bayern to offer the boy for 200.000 DM. Bayern never answered. Too much money for a young player? maybe, but 1 year later Bernd is valued in 3 millions DM.

He finally drove to Koeln. Heiner Schuhmann cannot understand why Bernd never reach the A team of FCA, which was plaing II liga South. "FCA drove a big error with Bernd, I cannot understand why we never got a pro contract for him and why chairman or A trainer never gave him a chance. Far from us, he soon got the success in Bundesliga and nationalteam"






1. FC Köln (Germany) 1978-80


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