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Maki Irimajiri, Andrew Gustaveson and Darren Grant

Maki Irimajiri
    died as the result of an auto accident on August 31, 1990. They were all students at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Along with 3 friends, they made an unwise decision to leave hours before dawn for the Mexican beach town of Puerto Penasco. The accident occured about 6:30 in the morning, 5 miles east of Why, Arizona. Maki and Darren died at
    the scene. Andy was air-lifted
    to Phoenix and died the next day.
    Three others survived the tragedy
    and are doing fine.
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Andy Gustaveson

Darren Grant

The background of this page is the cross we parents left at the accident site when we met after nearly 5 years.

We just barely spotted that weathered cross we left five years ago. After we nailed it back together we added it to our new memorial for the 10 year anniversary. It isn't pretty anymore but it is special to us. The bottom photo is the back of the plaque with the image Sara made for us. If someone decides to stop along this lonely desert highway, they can see our beautiful angels. There are, however, more than 100 little monuments along this road.




The above image was made as a gift to us parents in honor of the ten year anniversary of our beloved children's arrival in heaven, by my dearest friend, Sara Duncan.
Please visit her precious son Mark's page.  Mark also left us on August 31 at 22 years old.


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