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The cactus background for this page was done from Maki's artwork.

Maki Irimajiri was born in Tokyo, Japan on November 5, 1968 and died in an automobile accident near Why, Arizona on August 31, 1990. Her short journey through life was filled with joy and creativity, fostered by the love and encouragement of her teachers, friends and family.

The institutions that were so much a part of her life were Sangenjaya Catholic Church, Kakinokizaka Kindergarten, Keio Gijuku Yochisha, KeioGijuku Middle School and Keio Gijuku Girl's High School all of Tokyo. And Rolling Hills High School and Drill Team of Rolling Hills Estates, California. Along with the University of Arizona and Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority of Tucson, Arizona.

Maki was a Senior Fine Arts Major at the U of A. Her family had gift boxes of cards made from her artwork and sold hundreds and hundreds of them. Sharing Maki's art with those living in the world she loved; using it to bring messages of caring between friends and loved ones; facilitating acts of charity to those in need. All proceeds from the cards went to the benefit of the Maki Irimajiri Memorial Fund for Youth Charities both in the United States and in Japan.

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