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Web Site Development

Lesson 3.1
More Unordered Lists - Images - Angelfire Hosting Platform

Notes for Head:
<!DOCTYPE html><!-- for HTML 5 -->
<html lang="en">
<title>Lesson 3.1 making your page public</title>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="author" content="Alain Lareau">
<meta name="keywords" content="unordered, list, shell,
 editor, free, hosting, easy, web, kid, friendly">
<meta name="description" content=" web hosting">
body { 
  font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif; 
  background-color: #66b3b3; 
  color:#003300 }
div#header { font-family: "Comic Sans MS", cursive;
  font-size: 36pt }

... </style>
</head> Web Site Hosting Service

This page is hosted on the Web Server, Angelfire and Tripod are both members of the Lycos group. After reviewing this page you can try your hand at building your own, use this Angelfire link.
Prepare for yourself a username that will become part of the URL/URI for your site.
That is decide what you wish the Domain Name to look like and then choose your username accordingly.

More on the Unordered List
  • These
  • are
  • the
  • items
  • in
  • the
  • list,
  • this
  • one
  • has
  • twelve
  • items.
  • These
  • are
  • the
  • items
  • in
  • the
  • list,
  • this
  • one
  • has
  • twelve
  • items.

you can make a list with or without a header and it can sit nested inside of a paragraph or division ELEMENT just fine. Other times the list can act like a block element and reside in the 'body'.
Lists on an HTML doc. can be generated by the tags (UL) (OL) (DL) and once upon a time (DIR) and (MENU), those are gone now so we talk about the first three.
The type attribute can be used to specify the style of bullet displayed.
There is also a provision to allow you to set an image of your choosing in place of the bullet. The elements of the list themselves must be prefixed and sufixed with opening and closing tags. For example:
in both Ordered and Unordered the tags <li> and </li>

Elements in a list can be made to be links to other pages.
Here is the code that changes the bullet for the second unordered list:

<ul type="circle">

Notice an image can be set as a decorative stand-in for a 'hr' tag. This .gif file is stored on Angelfire's server in the directory /doc/images/lines/line_das.gif of their image library.

<img src="" align=middle>

Two ways to make a list of links without using the bullets.

One type of image file can be animated, this image may come in handy if you wish to demonstrated you web page is under construction,

WhoWhere? - The Best Communications Guide on the Web
MetaphorMan's HTML Tutor - Begining Lesson 2
Example Use the links here to continue. [ Home | HTML | Angelfire | Lesson 4 ]

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