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Bush'y one simple quick and rough subey page

Stuff on lift kits
Stuff on replacing a CV joint by yourself.
Weber and Hitachi / Denso Carby stuff here.
4 page article on Superoo Engineering, Brisbane, QLD.
EA81 and EA82 manuals are here.
Electrical diagrams - 700k .PDF
How to fix EA71/EA81 gearbox slop, once and for all
Other pics

Sube VIN number decoder
Sube FAQ's

Thomas Paine's Subaru Brumby site (He is a fanatic!)
Scott's Brat site. 12 inch lifted Subey.

Light rotators. Wait until I get the video over of this thing running...
Me Bushranger site.
All Bushies in Australia.

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Created: 03/03/03.
Last updated:22/12/06.