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Do you need information on sniping, snipers, ghillies, sniper rifles, tactics, or fieldcraft? Well you came to the right place!

Welcome to my marksmanship and tactical shooting page. If you have any questions or comments about my site just feel free to e-mail me. I will try to cover everything that a sniping team needs to know. I apologize if you can not get into all of my links. Please also sign my guestbook and tell me how you arrived at my page, so I can tell wich links are working the best.

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Here is some information that i recieved if you are a officer, and would like to take advantage of some good trainging, please take note.

Snipercraft will be hosting the ninth annual SniperWeek in Miami, FL, April 18 - 21, 2001. This is the largest and longest running police sniper training event in the US. The SWAT/Sniper Educational Seminar is held April 18 & 19. Speakers addressing topics of interest to snipers, supervisors and tactical personnel will present lectures and incident debriefings. Venders will also be on hand to display and demonstrate the latest in tactical equipment. The Snipercraft Challenge follows on April 20 & 21. This is not a contest. This is recognized as a competitive training event, like no other sniper event, anywhere. It will be a practical series of intense, live-fire exercises, designed by police snipers, for police snipers. Any sniper seeking to gauge his readiness to operate in real world situations should be here. The Seminar costs $100 per person. The Challenge costs $80 per person. Attend all four days for only $160. Part of the proceeds is donated to the Make A Wish Foundation, and the Police Officers Assistance Trust. This event is endorsed by the NTOA and the American Sniper Association. Attendance is limited to active police, corrections and military personnel only. Contact Snipercraft, 954-389-0829,,, for details and registration information.

Due to recent e-mails and messages, I would like to say that this site was created a few years ago, and some information in this site is the opinion of the people who made this website possible, and just becuase it does not comply with your opinions, you do not have to e-mail me a tell me about it. If it is positive e-mails, feel free to do so. And also, if some of the information or pictures are from your site, and you would like them removed, please e-mail me. Thank you.

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