f i l m o g r a p h y

In certain movies, there are reviews from a fellow Ryan fan.

(2000) Way of the Gun...George Parker (yet to be released)
(1999) Company Men (yet to be released)
(1999) [[Playing By Heart]]...Keenan
(1999) [[Cruel Intentions]]...Sebastian Valmont
(1998) [[Homegrown]]...Harlan
(1998) [[54]]...Shane O'Shea
(1997) [[I Know What You Did Last Summer]]...Barry Cox
(1997) Nowhere...Shad
(1997) [[Little Boy Blue]]...Jimmy West
(1996) White Squall...Gil Martin
(1996) Invader(a.k.a Lifeform)...Private Ryan
(1995) Crimson Tide...Seaman Grattam

News on New Movies (from IMDb):

Company Man: His character is Rudolf Nuryev, a Russian ballet dancer whose involved in a plot to overthrow Fidel Castro. Other people who starred in it are Sigourney Weaver, Doug McGrath, Woody Allen.

Way Of The Gun: His character is George Parker. The plot is about a group of career criminals who have to save the world from some homosexual vampires who are out to destroy the world's sunlamps. Other stars are Benicio Del Toro and Camryn Manheim.

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