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After having been a 'foot stompin', 'Bible beatin', 'sidewalk preachin', 'door knockin', "born again" Christian for well over twenty years, I left born again fundamentalism and became an Agnostic. My exit was a result of as many years of Bible study during which time I came to realize that the Bible is misleading, erroneous, inconsistent, contradictory and certainly not the Word of an omniscient, omnipresent, kind and loving God!

The link below takes you to a fairly large website which I began in March, 1998. It is constantly evolving.

My purpose in creating the site was primarily to provide support to anyone who has left born again fundamentalism, who is in the process of leaving or is thinking about leaving. It is usually very difficult to cast aside what may have been life long beliefs even when one discovers his belief system is not what he/she had originally thought it to be.

I have also responded to questions regarding why I left Christianity, more specifically the "Born Again Fundamentalism" belief system.

I wondered when I created the website if it would eventually receive 500 visits. That seemed like a lot of visits then. In May, 2003 the website received its 118,000th visitor.

In May, 2001, I created Caleb and Elsie Hamer, two extremely radical and dogmatic Pentecostal born again Christians. Caleb's page was first, "God Hates The Sin AND The Sinner. Elsie, Caleb's wife, soon followed with a page on "Why I Became A Born Again Fundamentalist Christian".

The biggest surprise came when 'Elsie' and 'Caleb' jointly authored a page on anti-masturbation in June, 2001. By May, 2003, the page had received over 219,000 visits.

I'm equally surprised and pleased that my personal website, this one, has had over 8000 visits as of October, 2002.

Reverend Michael Francis, the Hamer's Pastor, joined Elsie and Caleb's team and has posted several pages of his own which are equally absurd - "Animal Rights - Phooey" and "Lets Get Back To Stoning Children".

Following are some of the Hamer website banners. Click on any one to visit that particular Hamer website.

If you decide to visit Caleb's, Elsie's and Reverend Francis' pages, I believe you'll enjoy some chuckles as you read about their ridiculously funny and unbelievably extreme dedication and unswerving loyalty to their fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

If you decide to visit the Born Again Fundamentalism site, your comments regarding the site are welcome whether they agree with my thoughts and beliefs or not. The URL is:

The Fallacy of Born Again Fundamentalism Index Page

I'm including a navigation box for the website below, in the event you wish to visit specific areas.

By the way - if you're comfortable as a born again, evangelical or mainstream Christian, I'm not interested in trying to take you away from your beliefs. In fact, I couldn't. I believe most of us are where we need to be spiritually.

When we're no longer satisfied with our spirituality, we'll move on without anyone's prodding or persuasion.

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