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Born Again Fundamentalism - Hope or Hoax?

Born Again Fundamentalist Christianity has captured the minds and hearts of thousands upon thousands of individuals who have been duped by its false and erroneous teachings and dogma. Those who choose to follow it sometimes never escape its restrictive, destructive and crippling chokehold on their lives.

For those who have recognized or begun to recognize that the Bible is not inerrant, that born againism is not the only valid religious belief system and that Jesus Christ is not necessarily the way the truth and the life as he is alleged to have claimed, the information on this website is offered for your consideration.

Unfortunately the closed and narrow belief system of Born Again Fundamentalism can have a devastating and crippling effect on those who have chosen to adhere to its dark age dogma, doctrines and mentality.

This website has been created to support those who have decided to leave born again fundamentalism, who are in the process of leaving it or are thinking about leaving. It is for those who have begun to think for themselves. It is for those who have questions and aren't sure.

Walking away can be a very difficult process. If you have made or are making that decision, may these pages be helpful in your journey.

This site is not intended to take anyone away from a spiritual belief in which he or she is comfortable and does not wish to leave. It is intended to reveal the truth about born again fundamentalist Christianity to anyone who wishes to know it.

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