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Gay Liberation Front members then & now

Dennis Altman • Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

New York, Sydney GLF, 1971-1975

Professor of politics at La Trobe University, Melbourne, and author of nine books, including a novel, The Comfort of Men. Currently researching globalisation and sexuality/AIDS.

Michael T. Anderson • Cleveland

Kent State University GLF 1972-1978

Was a psychotherapy intern at Open Quest in Los Angeles, an announcer for Gay Waves in Cleveland, and a volunteer with Gay Education Awareness Resource Foundation. Worked as a social worker until retirement. Now Radical Faeries and Midwest Men's Festival.

Thomas Ashe • Boston & Miami Beach

Philadelphia, San Francisco/Berkeley GLF, 1970-1972

I worked as a psychotherapist for 3 years, then lived in Rio de Janeiro, before coming back home to Boston to work for a computer company until I retired.

Ron Punit Auerbacher • San Diego

New York GLF, 1970-1971

Holistic Health Practitioner and teacher, actor, student of NonViolent Communication and Zen practitioner.

Tommi Avicolli-Mecca • San Francisco

Temple University, Philadelphia GLF, 1971-1974

Helped establish the homeless queer youth shelter in the Castro and fought gentrification of the neighborhood during the dot-com boom. He currently writes regularly for and sings with the Peaceniks, a group that does music with a social conscience.

Warren J. Blumenfeld • Northampton, MA

Washington GLF, 1971-1973

Author, diversity workshop facilitator, Assistant Professor of
Multicultural and International Curriculum Studies at Iowa State University, and editor of the Journal of Gay, Lesbian And Bisexual Identity.

Richard Bolingbroke • San Francisco

London GLF, 1971-1974

Watercolor painter, active in the arts and leather s/m communities in San Francisco. I am partnered to my lover of 16 years, Steven Gaynes.

Perry Brass • The Bronx

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Started Belhue Press in 1991 to publish his own work and other work like it. He published 14 books and is included in 25 anthologies. He has been living with a lover for 27 years.

Dennis Brumm • San Francisco

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa GLF, 1971-1979

Original member of the GLF group on campus, active in local Iowa gay politics for a number of years, on disability living in San Francisco now (in SF since 1978). You don't know what an aortic dissection is, ask me!

Roberto Camp • Merida

New York GLF, 1970-1971

Was a member of the Come Out! collective and is now a media and marketing professional in Mexico City and Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. Roberto is currently developing in memory of Come Out! editor Lois Hart & GLF founding member Juan Carlos Vidal.

Terry Cavanagh • Santa Cruz

Michigan State University GLF, East Lansing 1974-1976

Developed the infrastructure for the Santa Cruz AIDS Project, ran a mental health clinic and did assessments of people with AIDS for the county, and after nearly 20 years of confronting the epidemic on many levels, retired into selling real estate.

Jane R Cohen • Boulder

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Presently practicing classical acupuncture and zero balancing, a bit
of MoveOn, writing, contemplation/meditation, and one-foot-in-front-of-the-other.

Dajenya • SF Bay Area

New York GLF, 1970-1971

The youngest NYC GLF member (age 16 in 1970), Dajenya, formerly known as Suzy, grew up to be a biracial bisexual activist poet mother & social worker. She finally met the love of her life, Lois Heaney, in 2004. Dajenya is currently trying to publish her first book of poetry.

Steven F. Dansky • Las Vegas & Canaan, NY

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Long time political activist and writer. He had psychotherapy practices in New York, is the author of two books, and is currently working on a collection of short stories.

Nikos (aka Tony) Diaman • San Francisco

New York GLF, 1970-1971

I am a writer and artist, the author of ten books. I organized the 1989 GLF reunions in San Francisco and New York. I live in San Francisco and visit San Miguel de Allende, Mexico every two years.

Tim Elliot • Creedmoor, NC

New York GLF, 1969-1971

I returned to my home state of North Carolina and worked for over 25 years in the printing industry for UNC-CH. To satisfy my need to express myself in words though, I write reviews for under the name, Elton T. Elliott.

Jack Fertig • San Francisco

Washington GLF, 1970-1972

Helped start Fruit Punch gay radio show on KPFA, developed Gay Youth programs at Pacific Center, was later a a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence (Sr. Boom Boom) and now an astrologer, writer, sometimes community activist. With my lover, Elias Trevino, since 1994.

Jim Fishman • San Francisco

Berkeley GLF, 1970-1972

Was a psychotherapist at Fenway Community Health Center in Boston and helped found AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts. In San Francisco ran a gay men's mental health program at Operation Concern/New Leaf; lived in India for two years; now in private practice.

Dana Gillespie • Tampa

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Born in the old Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, and lived on the Upper West Side as a teenager. Active on the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee, helping to organize New York's first three marches up Sixth Avenue. Currently semi-retired, living on Davis Island.

Paul Guzzarado • Fort Lauderdale

New York GLF, 1970-1971

A gay activist since coming out in 1966. A historian of gay culture with a book coming out soon. Currently a certified public accountant living with my partner of 35 years.

Paul Henderson • London

London GLF, 1970-1972

Joined GLF while studying at the London School of Economics, was a founding member of the Youth Group, and organized the first gay march in the UK. Became a teacher in 1972 and continued in the profession until his early retirement in 2002. He now looks after a castle.

Jerry Hoose • New York

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Has lived a totally gay-centric existence in the New York, Greenwich Village, gay subculture fighting to attain the cultural, sexual freedoms that inspired GLF.

Karla Jay • New York

New York, Venice, Los Angeles GLF, 1969-1971

Distinguished Professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies at Pace University in New York. She is the author, editor, and translator of 10 books. Her newest is a memoir about gay liberation, Tales Of The Lavender Menace.

Larry (Lawrence Worth) Jones • Brooklyn

New York GLF, 1970

Educator, performance art producer.

John Knoebel • New York

New York GLF, 1969-1971

A member of GLF 95th Street Collective, GLF Speaker’s Bureau, Femmes Against Sexism, and the Gay Male Caucus of the Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention. Co-published Double F and co-authored the Effeminist Manifesto. Subsequent long career with The Advocate .

Richard Koob • New York

New York GLF, 1970-1971

A dance career in New York, Paris and Hawaii, where Ernest Morgan (love of 22 years 'till he passed of AIDS in 1992) and he founded Kalani Oceanside Retreat. Still dances (hula), presents gay men's events and competes/performs in Gay Games.

John Kyper • Roxbury, MA

Boston GLF 1970-1971

He w as a regular contributor to Gay Community News and a member of the Fort Hill Faggots for Freedom. Now, variously, a municipal bureaucrat, naturist and public transit activist, and currently completing a term as a board member of the Massachusetts Sierra Club..

Richard Landman • New York

Buffalo GLF, 1970-1971

Founded Buffalo GLF, participated in the 1971 Albany March for Gay Rights, was NY representative at 1979 March On Washington For Lesbian & Gay Rights. Currently works at NYU and chairs the International Association Of Lesbian & Gay Children of Holocaust Surivors.

Michael Lassell • New York

New York, New Haven GLF, 1969-1971

Writer and editor; articles director of Metropolitan Home.

John Lauritsen • Dorchester, MA

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Born 1939 and raised in Nebraska, BA Harvard 1963, survey research executive for 20 years, now writer and book publisher (Pagan Press).

Pat Maxwell • New York

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Radical Lesbians. Free-lance writer, columnist and satirist: Gay Power, Come Out, The Advocate, Majority Report. San Francisco: feminist activist, producer of womens' musical events, and stained glass artist. Eugene & Portland, OR: troubled teens counselor. Now back in Illinois.

Ed Mycue • San Francisco

San Francisco GLF, 1969-1970

Poet Edward Mycue studied at Arlington State University and North Texas University. He was a Lowell Fellow at Boston University, a Macdowell Colony Fellow, Peace Corps teacher in Ghana, and taught American Literature at International Peoples College.

Thom Nickels • Philadelphia

Boston GLF, 1969-1970

1990 Lambda Literary Award and 1989 Hugo Award nominee for Two Novellas: Walking Water & After All This. The weekly architectural writer/critic for Philadelphia Metro and the winner of the 2005 Philadelphia AIA Lewis Mumford Award for Architectural Journalism.

John O'Brien • Los Angeles

New York GLF, 1969-1970

Born of poor working class parents and grew up in Harlem, became active in the Civil Rights Movement at the age of 13, was one of the founders of Gay Liberation Front New York, and a long-time collector of progressive historical material.

Christopher Phillips • New York

New Haven GLF 1970-1972, Edinburgh GLF 1972-1973

A full time worker at the Gay Community Services Center in Los Angeles 1973-1975 (where he went under the nom de guerre Morning Glory).

Kenneth Pitchford • New York

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Poet (six books), novelist (three books), playwright (one staged, three written). Activist in CORE, Yippie, GLF, Flaming Faggots, and Effeminism.

Tony Russomanno • Santa Cruz, CA

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Founder, Detroit GLF at Wayne State University, 1970.

Retired science and environmental journalist, formerly with KPIX-TV , San Francisco. One of four original filmmakers on The Times of Harvey Milk.

Mark A. Segal • Philadelphia

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Founder/publisher of Philadelphia Gay News and a charter member of The National Gay Press Association and The National Gay Newspaper Guild. He waged a 15-year battle to gain membership in the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association and now sits on the Board of Directors.

Jason Victor Serinus (aka Guy Jay Nassberg) • Oakland, CA

New Haven, New York GLF, 1969-1971

Music critic, audiophile reviewer/commentator, Whistler Extraordinaire, community activist, and co-convener Oakland Community Policing Task Force, Jason helped found Fruit Punch, founded the Lavender Healing Network, and was The Voice of Woodstock in a Peanuts cartoon.

Ellen (aka Bedoz) Shumsky • New York

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Then a photographer, staff of Come Out! Founding member of Radicalesbians and co-author of the lesbian feminist manifesto The Woman Identified Woman. Now a psychotherapist in private practice with an office around the corner from the Stonewall.

Dennis C. Siple • Hollywood

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Helped start GLFCommunity Center in New York. Gay male caucus of the RPCC. Taught the 17th Street collective to crochet our own colorful berets. Worked on the first CSLDC.  Moved to LA in 1979.  Act Up and Queer Nation in the 80s.  Retired. Still do care giving when needed.

Peter Tatchell • London

London GLF, 1971-

Human Rights Activist using dramatic, confrontational protests to catapult neglected gay issues into the headlines; raising public awareness, prompting debate and often successfully pressuring the police, armed forces, church and government to curtail their homophobia. Involved in OutRage!

Steve Turtell • New York

New York GLF, 1970-1971

I was a junior at Brooklyn College when I joined GLF. Later activitiy includes writing for The Advocate, Gaysweek, and LGNY, and being on the fundraising committee of GMHC during it's first year. I worked as a director of public programs at three New York City history museums.

Allen Young • Royalston, MA

New York GLF, 1969-1971

Journalist, now semi-retired, he worked for 10 years as reporter and assistant editor at the Athol Daily News. Co-founder in 1973, with four other gay men, including GLFer Carl Miller, of an intentional community, Butterworth Farm, still in existence.