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Books by Gay Liberation Front members

Sydney Abbot

(& Barbara Love) Sappho Was A Right-On Woman (1972) Stein & Day

Dennis Altman


Homosexual: Oppression And Liberation (1971, 1992) New York University Press

Coming Out In The Seventies (1981) Alyson Publications

The Homosexualization Of America (1982) Beacon Press, Boston

AIDS In The Mind Of America (1986) Doubleday, New York

Power And Community (1994) Taylor & Francis

Defying Gravity: A Political Life (1997) Allen & Unwin, Sydney

Global Sex (2001) University Of Chicago Press

Gore Vidal's America (2005) Polity Press

Tommi Avicolli-Mecca


Between Little Rock And A Hard Place (1993) Williams

Hey Paesan: Writings by Lesbians and Gay Men of Italian Descent

Arthur Bell

Dancing The Gay Lib Blues (1971) Simon & Schuster, New York

Kings Don't Mean A Thing (1971) William & Morrow, New York

Warren J. Blumenfeld

(& D. Raymond), Looking At Gay And Lesbian Life (1988) Beacon Press, Boston

(Ed) Homophobia: How We All Pay The Price (1992) Beacon Press, Boston

AIDS And Your Religlious Community (1991) Beacon Press, Boston

Perry Brass


Sex Charge (1991) Belhue Press, The Bronx

Mirage (1991) Belhue Press, The Bronx

Works And Other Smoky George Stories (1993) Belhue Press, The Bronx

Circles (1993) Belhue Press, The Bronx

Out There, Stories of Private Desires, Horror, and the Afterlife (1994) Belhue

Albert, or The Book of Man (1995) Belhue Press

The Harvest (1997) Belhue Press, The Bronx

How To Survive Your Own Gay Life (1999) Belhue Press, The Bronx

Angel Lust, An Erotic Novel of Time Travel (2000) Belhue Press

Warlock: A Novel of Possession (2001) Belhue Press, The Bronx

The Substance of God: A Spiritual Thriller (2003) Belhue Press, The Bronx

Carnal Sacraments: A Novel of the Global Future (2006) Belhue Press, The Bronx

Michael Bronski

Culture Clash: The Making of Gay Sensibility (1984), South End Press

Flashpoint: Gay Male Sexual Writing (1996), Masquerade

Taking Liberties: Gay Men's Essays on Politics, Culture and Sex (1996)

The Pleasure Principle (1998)

Pulp Friction: Uncovering the Golden Age of Gay Male Pulps (2003)

Rita Mae Brown




The Hand That Cradles The Rock

Songs To A Handsome Woman

The Plain Brown Rapper (1976) Diana, Baltimore

Rubyfruit Jungle (1973) Daughters, Plainfield, VT

In Her Day (1976) Daughters, Plainfield, VT

Six Of One (1978) Bantam Books

Southern Discomfort (1982) Harper & Row, New York

Sudden Death

High Hearts

Starting Fron Scratch:  A Different Kind Of Writers' Manuel

Bingo (1988) Bantam Books, New York

Steve Dansky

Now Dare Everything: Tales of HIV-Related Psychotherapy (1994) Haworth Press

Nobody's Children: Orphans of the HIV Epidemic ( 1997) Haworth Press

N. A. Diaman


Ed Dean Is Queer (1978) Persona Press, San Francisco

The Fourth Wall (1980) Persona Press, San Francisco

Second Crossing (1982) Persona Press, San Francisco

Reunion (1983) Persona Press, San Francisco

Castro Street Memories (1988) Persona Press, San Francisco

Private Nation (1997) Persona Press, San Francisco

Following My Heart (2007) Persona Press, San Francisco

The City (2007) Persona Press, San Francisco

Paris Dreams (2009) Persona Press, San Francisco

Athens Apartment (2009) Persona Press, San Francisco

Arthur Evans


Witchcraft And The Gay Counterculture (1978) Fag Rag Books, Boston

The God Of Ecstasy (1988) St. Martin's Press, New York

Critique Of Patriarchal Reason (1997) White Crane Press, San Francisco

Karla Jay






Dyke Life: From Growing up to Growing Old (1964) Basic Books

(Ed)(& Allen Young) After You're Out: Personal Experiences Of Gay Men And Lesbian Women (1975) Links, New York, (1976) Jove

(Ed)(& Allen Young) Out Of The Closets: Voices Of Gay Liberation (1972) Douglas, New York, (1978) Jove, (1992) NYU Press, New York and Gay Men's Press, London

(Ed)(& Allen Young) Lavender Culture (1978) Jove, New York, (1994) NYU Press

(Ed)(& Allen Young) The Gay Report (1979) Summit Book/Simon and Schuster

(Tr)(& Yvonne M. Klein)( introduction) The Woman Of The Roof by Rene Vivien (1983) Gay Presses Of New York, New York

The Amazon And The Page: Natalie Clifford Barney And Rene Vivien (1988) Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN

(Ed) (& Joanne Glasgow) Lesbian Texts And Contexts : Radical Revisions (1990) NYU Press, New York, Onlywoman, London

Lesbian Erotics (1995) NYU Press, New York

Tales Of The Lavender Menace (1999) Basic Books, New York

Michael Lassell


Poems For Lost And Un-Lost Boys (1985) Amelia, Bakersfield, CA.

Decade Dance (1990) Alyson, Boston

(Ed) The Name Of Love: Classic Gay Love Poems (1995) St. Martin's Press

The Hard Way: Essays, Stories and Poems (1995) A Richard Kasak Book, New York

(Ed) Eros In Boystown: Contemporary Gay Poems About Sex (1996) Crown

(Ed) (& Lawrence Schimel) Two Hearts Desire: Gay Couples On Their Love (1997) St. Martin's, New York

A Flame For The Touch That Matters: Poems (1998) Painted Leaf Press, New York

(Ed) Men Seeking Men: Adventures In Gay Personals (1998) Painted Leaf Press

Certain Ecstasies: Stories (1999) Painted Leaf Press, New York

(Ed) (& Elena Georgiou) The World In Us: Gay & Lesbian Poetry Of The Next Wave (2000) St. Martin's Press, New York

John Lauritsen


The Early Homosexual Rights Movement 1864-1935 (1974,1995)

(Ed) (John Addington Symonds) Male Love: A Problem in Greek Ethics and Other Writings (1983) Pagan Press, Provincetown

(& Hank Wilson) Death Rush: Poppers & AIDS (1986) Pagan Press, Provincetown

Poison By Prescription: The AZT Story (1990) Asklepios

The AIDS War: Propaganda, Profiteering and Genocide from the Medical-Industrial Complex (1993) Asklepios

(Ed) (& Ian Young) The AIDS Cult: Essays on the gay health crisis (1997) Asklepios

A Freethinker's Primer Of Male Love (1998) Pagan Press, Provincetown

The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein (2007) Pagan Press, Provincetown

Barbara Love

(& Sydney Abbot) Sappho Was A Right-On Woman (1972) Stein & Day

Larry Mitchell

  Teacher's Dirty Pictures (?) Greenleaf Classics

The Terminal Bar (1982) Calamus Books

Stepsister's Skillful Mouth (1989) Greenleaf Classics

Acid Snow (2006) Calamus Book

John Murphy (aka John Brault)

  Homosexual Liberation (1971) Praeger Publishers, New York
Ed Mycue

Mindwalking 1937 To 2007 Poems New & Selected  (2008) Philos Press

 Night Boats (2000) Minotaur Editions

 Because We Speak the Same Language (1994) Spectacular Diseases Press

 Pink Garden Brown Trees (1991) Stingey Artist/Last Straw Press

 Torn Star (1987) Opossum Holler Tarot

 Edward (1986) Primal Publishing

 Singing Man My Father Gave Me (1980) Menard Press

 Root Route & Range The Song Returns (1979) Paper Castle

 Root Route and Range (1977) Holmganger's Press

 Chronicle (1974) Mother's Hen

 Damage Within The Community (1973) Panjandrum Press

Thom Nickels



The Cliffs of Aries (1988) Aegina Press, Huntington

Two Novellas: Walking Water & After All (1989) Banned Books, New York

The Boy On The Bicycle (1993-4) Starbooks Press, Sarasota

Manajunk (2001) Arcadia Publishing, Philadelphia

Gay & Lesbian Philadelphia (2002) Arcadia Publishing, Philadelphia

Tropic of Libra (2002) Florida Literary Foundation

Out In History (2005) Florida Literary Foundation

Philadelphia Architecture (2005) Arcadia Publishing

Ken Pitchford

The Temple Wall (2001) Xlibris

The Zipper Mask (2005) Xlibris

The Beholding (2005) Xlibris

Jason Victor Serinus (aka Jay Guy Nassberg)

Psychoimmunity And The Healing Process: A Holistic Approach To Immunity And AIDS (1990) Celestial Arts, Berkeley

Hope for Healing: New Holistic Approaches to AIDS and Other Immune Disorders (1992) Irvington Publishers

Fran Winant

Looking at Women: Poems (1971) Violet Press, New York

Dyke Jacket: Poems and Songs (1976) Violet Press, New York

Goddess of Lesbian Dreams (1980) Violet Press, New York

Allen Young

Gay Sunshine Interview with Allen Ginsberg (1974) Gray Fox Press, also
published in translation in Spain, Italy, France, Brazil & the Czech Republic.

(Ed)(& Karla Jay) Out Of The Closets: Voices Of Gay Liberation (1972) Douglas, New York, (1978) Jove, (1992) NYU Press, New York and Gay Men's Press, London

(Ed)(& Karla Jay) After You're Out: Personal Experiences Of Gay Men And Lesbian Women (1975) Links, New York, (1976) Jove

(Ed)(& Karla Jay) Lavender Culture (1978) Jove, New York, (1994) NYU Press, NY

(Ed)(& Karla Jay) The Gay Report (1979) Summit Book/Simon and Schuster

Gays Under The Cuban Revolution (1981) Grey Fox Press; Spanish-language
edition published in Madrid.