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Mares for Sale

Paint and Quarter Horse Mares

Gloria's Web GraphicsGloria's Web Graphics

"Miss Go Lucky Bardot"2005 APHA,sorrel breeding stock, 15.2 HYPP-NN

Go Lucky Tradition APHA X CRL Cool Bardot AQHA

Correct, Pretty mare..

Proven dam of color, comformation and disposition.
Easy mare to Handle,good momma, easy breeder..
$ 2000.. Her 2017 Sorrel,big,stout,colt available.$ SOLD !!
Gloria's Web Graphics
Gloria's Web GraphicsGloria's Web Graphics

Skipa Sweet Melody APHA/PtHA dun overo mare
1992, 15.2 hand,.
Skip A Hi X Sweet Bita Hobo
PtHA Halter Winner,40+ points.
Proven sire of Color,Palominos,duns,and sorrel with color, comformation and muscle.
Oldest get riding now,really doing great! Exposed to Heza Awesome Dzyn for 2018.
$ 1000..Her Yearling colt(pictured) is for sale also, $SOLD !!

Gloria's Web GraphicsGloria's Web Graphics

Exotically Dun,97 APHA red dun overo,15.2,very gentle mare.

Gunnin For The Top APHA X Exotic Cowgirl AQHA,
Sound To breed,left open for 2018 due to late 2017 "fancy" palomino overo filly, also being offered for sale, $ 1500..
Mare $ 1000 with discount on breeding back to either of my stallions..