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Updated 18 JAN 2001



EYEWITNESS NEWS:       Blue Steele has been selected to participate in the Baltimore Blues Society Battle of the Blues Bands (9 pm - 1 am).   On Saturday, November 25, we will slug it out with fellow blues bands Nightstreet, Janine Wilson, and the Christopher James Band. After the contest, we will all enjoy the music of the nationally acclaimed recordiing artist the Michael Hills Blues Mob.   This should be one incredible blues night! PLEASE COME OUT AND SUPPORT US!    The winner of the contest goes to Memphis, TN to represent the Baltimore Blues Society.   Tickets are $15.    American Legion Hall at 1331 Seling Ave in Rosedale.    Call (410) 433-8198 for more information.  

Meanwhile, we continue to host the monthly open mic at Michaels Pub Open Mic (9 pm - 1:30 am) on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  On Tuesday November 14 and Tuesday December 12 we will once again play a little on our own and then jam into the wee hours of the morning with the masses.  Players and singers wanted!!  Kings Contrivance Center off Rt 32 and Shaker/Edenbrook Dr in Columbia. (410) 290-7878.  Friday December 8 The Zoo Bar (10 pm - 1 am).   A fun little tavern right across the street from the National Zoo (come watch Ernie head-butt a Hippo!).  Good food and a great bartender add to the fun of the evening.  3000 Connecticut Ave in Washington, DC. Phone Number (202) 232-4225  

On a personnel note, long-time drummer Jim Alvey is moving into semi-retirement (if there is such a thing in a blues band).  He will continue to play at the monthly Open Mics and will fill-in once in a while, too.  Meanwhile, Dave, Tad, and Bonanza have been doing a great job of keeping the blues beat going.  

For band info call Cindi Alvey at (410) 964-3534

Jim Alvey
Blue Steele



14 songs!  6 originals!  8 classic blues covers!!  Including: Born in Chicago (Ernie blows like the Chicago wind) Dump That Chump (funny swing) Who Was that Man? (Calypso Honky Tonk blues original) Don't Boss Me (instrumental boogie) One Step Closer To The Blues (slow blues original) I Can Tell (Bo Diddley funk) Blues for E (blues duet original) Route 66 (hard rockin road song) No Tootin  (heavy in your face funk original) She's No Lady (Lyle Lovett's funny little swing tune) The Blues Call Out My Name (deep down dirty blues original) It Comes To Me Naturally (NRBQ's classic rocker - dedicated to ourPresident) Ernie's Boogie (Ernie blows and then blows some more on his own composition) Goin Up The Country (Hippy freak fun!)

"One Step Closer to The Blues" is available for only $12 postage paid. Just call Cindi at (410) 964-3534. Only $7 for cassettes. Call today!!

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