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Vince's Home Page

Special Note: Most artwork and photographs on this site are (C) 1999 by Vincent P. Turner. Please do not link them or reproduce them without prior consent. Thank you.

This site is best viewed at 1024x768 and was last updated 3/2/2009. I recommend having a high-bandwidth connection for the viewing of some pages. My site is constantly under construction, so come back to visit often.

7/10/2007 - 9:54 PM CST
I just took a look at this entire site and can't help but notice that I must have gone through a period of deep depression because most of the material is a downer. Even the story I wrote recently for a narrative short film started out as a downer. Truth is, my life as it exists today is far from the depths from which I've crawled over the last several years. I've gone from divorce and a sub prime credit rating to a happy marriage and an A+ credit rating. Granted, it took me ten years to pick myself up, and I nearly sabotaged this marriage a few years ago by dredging up the bottled anger and throwing it in the direction of my loved ones, but I've changed. Of that there is no doubt. Whoever said that people never change was wrong. Some people never change, and change is difficult, but never say never. I said many, many years ago that one must never lose sight of your dreams or your nightmares will prevail, but it is only recently that I've decided to live by this mantra. I've kick started the dream again, and that dream is making movies, telling stories, and entertaining people in whatever way I can. As I hit middle age without having made any sort of mark on this world of which to speak, it is time to move in that direction. I am here for a reason. We all are. And in the spiritual sense, our destiny is written. We can choose to fulfill that destiny or not, and if you believe in spirituality as I do then you are doomed to repeat this human existence until you've achieved it.

I started this site back in 1999 as a place to showcase my performance car and to have a convenient landing zone where prospective dates could get to know me a bit better. It was a blog, most definitely "My Space", before either really existed on the net the way they do today. This is the first time I've updated anything in over 4 years. The picture above was taken before I got engaged, and I was married on April 3rd, 2004, over a year after my engagement on January 1st, 2003. So much has changed. The darkness in the Stories and Musings section needs some light shed upon it to reflect some of the positive changes and maturity I have enjoyed recently.

About Me:

My name is Vince, and I'm 39 as of July 2007. I'm currently living in the NW Houston area. I'm not single anymore, but you can still e-mail me if you want.

I've changed my hobby from performance cars to independent filmmaking, so keep this site bookmarked as I plan to continually use it as my creative outlet.

To date, I have completed one feature length screenplay and have plans to write more as I find the time. It's a dream of mine that won't quit. But writing anything requires profound knowledge of the world around me, so I'm still evolving. If not now, I definitely will be a writer full time after I retire from the computer industry. For now, I'm simply gathering material throughout life's bizarre experiences.

Stay tuned for more artwork, photos, creative writings, and perhaps even a movie or two. Check out the "New Stuff" section below on each visit. Like me, this site will now evolve more quickly.

Now go out and make yourself a great day! The road to your happiness in in your hands.

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