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Texas Motor Speedway, Saturday, September 11, 1999

Texas Motor Speedway, Young Chevrolet, and a few others, sponsored an event for Children's Charities, where any schmo with 2 or 4 wheels could run paced laps on the oval. The D/FW chapter of the Camaro & Firebird Car Club (CFCC) joined together to help this worthy cause and get the opportunity to try out our cool rides on a real speedway. All I can say is, I'm hooked. Totally.

These are some of the folks who showed up early. The actual group run was scheduled for 9:00 PM. There were about 20+ cars that showed based on information posted on and the D/FW F-body mailing list.

Same bunch of characters from a different angle. Note my car on the far right. The other red car is owned by Jose. We're 2 of the "Triplets", guys with red Trans Ams and Raptor hoods.

Some of us got bored, so we decided to make a run before the rest of the group arrived. This was the second set of laps for me. I was riding shotgun this time around so my buddy had a chance to try it out. I ran my laps before anyone else showed up, thinking I had already missed the gathering. Oh, well.

Here's one of the members lined up with us at the staging area. He drove a nice 30th Anniversary edition Trans Am.

Whoever drove that gray Formula up front had some real brass danglers. He passed the pace car coming off of turn 2 on our 3rd lap. The pace car had to speed up to get back in front of him, so we punched it and hit over 120 MPH going into turn 3. The average speed was only supposed to be between 55 and 75, so this was a real treat.

When we punched it, this is all I saw. This is Kadin Betts and his Mecham TA. Say "Bye, bye, baby!"

Actually, I think he dropped back on purpose to make a faster run into turn 3. His car could easily take me N/A (Naturally Aspirated, for the Motorsports Impaired), and he supposedly had a full Nitrous bottle as well. It sure felt good, though.

I snapped several photos of the group race, but my camera and film choices were poorly executed. All but this photo were completely blurred due to camera shake. Next time, it's faster film and a tripod for me.

This is the best of the worst. I forgot how bad photos could get with low light, long focal lengths, slow film, and subjects moving at 80+ MPH.

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