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Are daddies expendable?

Everyone knows that mothers are necessary and how they sacrifice for their children and are mostly regarded with thoughts of love. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. This is a true saying. But how about fathers?

Are fathers necessary to a child's well being or have they become an unnecessary appendage to the family unit which can just as easily be dispensed with?

Many today seem to believe children do not need a mother and a father; that they can just as readily be nurtured by foster families, single mothers, or same-sex partners. Social service agencies, cps, and governmental arms of the state and federal government seem to agree with this notion.

Feminist groups and women's havens hardly miss a chance to suggest to women that perhaps they should consider leaving their abusive husbands regardless of the consequences for marriage and for the family. Often they point to cases where boyfriends murder or otherwise harm their live-in girlfriends as evidence against men in general and against husbands and fathers specifically.

Yes, there are incidents of violence between spouses and within biological families and these occur far too frequently. I am not denying this occurs or attempting to justify those who engage in such violence.

I am questioning whether the appropriate response to such violence is divorce and breaking up the family unit.

It appears that children over the years have best been served by rearing them within intact families. Child abuse and partner abuse seems to occur much more frequently in step families and non-married live-in arrangements than in biological and adoptive families of origin. So does rape, incest, and other violence.

It would appear that additional efforts should be made and resources brought to bear in order to save the family rather than discarding families or family members who make mistakes or who lack resources and skills.

I will be the first to admit that as a husband and father I am far from perfect. Is perfection the standard by which to judge whether fathers are lovable, to be respected, or necessary?

I believe our Creator designed the family as the optimum system for training and nurturing children. This includes giving them discipline, love, education, and spiritual instruction which instills a proper fear and respect for the Lord our God and for all authority ordained by Him.

Some say daddies are unnecessary. These same people seem to be the same ones who believe discipline and respect for authority to be unnecessary. Maybe these are even those who believe respect for God and a fear of the Lord to be unnecessary.

If children do not respect their own parents whom they have seen, it is unlikely they will show honor or respect for God their Creator whom they have not seen. Nor is it likely that child will demonstrate respect or concern for authority or the rights of others.

All authority is ordained by God. Any attack on authority or disrespect for authority is really disrespect and rebellion against God. Solomon said, The way of a rebel is hard.

Jesus said, Do not put asunder what God has joined together. This clearly pertains to marriage and family. Why then do voices in therapy and social institutions and in our judicial system cry out for dissolution of marriage and families as the preferred solution for problems the family was designed by God to address?

All families have problems. Some more severe than others. Because this is so is no reason to give up on the families involved. The individual is not more important than the family unit irrespective of the current emphasis being placed on self by today's therapists in our "me first" society. There are no perfect families and there are no perfect individuals.

If fathers are really expendable then one must suppose God made a mistake in ordaining marriage between husband and wife and in placing the husband as the head of the wife and the family, as being one who must give an account.

Are there any negative consequences to ousting dads and husbands from the home and from the family in favor of the new feminist-inspired utopia? I will leave this question for others to answer. Certainly our society is not becoming less violent or more loving. Nor is it becoming more honorable, faithful or likely to value truth as the institution of family dissolves and more and more daddies are forced from the home.

God said fathers are to be honored by their children and they are to train their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. I don't have to know why God deems this necessary or what will happen if God is disobeyed. I just accept what God has said and do my best to obey. I do know it provokes a child to wrath when this is not done.

Therapists who do not take a strong stand for marriage and family are a strong force for evil and the proximate cause of many shattered families. Therapy which rejects the Word of God is due His wrath and judgment.

I call on all those who can hear the shepherd's voice to come out and be separate from them lest the ground rend asunder beneath our feet.

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