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Write Your Own Spells

Spells are simply prayers with attitude. Intent is all-important. The things you use in magic such as Chants, candles, talismans, cords, etc., are there only to help you focus your intent. They are like personal props an actor uses to get himself into character.

If you can't find a spell that you need, simply write your own, just be clear about what you want. Take your time and really think about what you want to do. Just remember 'An Harm None'.

It's always good to keep track of the spells you perform. This will help you later determine what went wrong, or simply help you determine what you did right. :)

Here is a sample worksheet for writing your own spells and formulas:

Type of spell or formula:


How are you feeling today (health/mood):

Astrological Phase:

Specific Purpose:

List of ingredientes and/or supplies needed:

Specific Location required:

Date, time, and astrological phase when used:

Results (did the spell or formula work, how long did it take to manifest, any specific results, etc.):

Deities invoked during preparation and/or use:

Step by step instructions for preparation and/or use: