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How To Break A Spell

If a spell has backfired (and sometimes they do) and it continues, you must break it. Choose the first Saturday after a Full Moon or the Full Moon itself. Use one white candle and one black candle for balance. Your props should be of a protective nature; therefore you would use amethyst, apache tears or smokey quartz for gemstones. Write a spell to undo what you have done, and be specific. For example:

On the Eve of ____
I cast a spell and
the effects I created
I must now quell.
Specifically, ____,
May this spell be lifted
and I now be gifted
Specifically with ____.

Be assured that a spell does not last longer than thirty days, unless you have put a time limit on it, or performed it during special astrological correspondences that have imbued it with a time limit of its own.
-Silver RavenWolf