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Simple Candle Spell

Take a candle that best represents something you need, want to accomplish, or even get rid of. The candle can be of any size (I would suggest something small though) but something that appeals to you. Do not use a candle in the shape of anything in particular unless it has to do specifically with what it is you are doing this spell for. Now, take a needle or some other small sharp object (be careful!) And carve into the candle symbols, pictures, words or anything that deals with what you are using this spell for. Cover the candle as best as you can (use more than one carving for this spell-don't be lazy!). Next, light the candle in a fire proof container and let it burn completely out on it's own (better if you light the candle until it melts completely away). NEVER leave a candle burning unattended! Take what is left of the candle and bury it in a secluded place and the spell will take effect. Be Careful What you Cast! It may very well come true! Remember the Law of Three!