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Sand Divination

Obtain a quantity of fine sand. (Color doesn't matter.) Pour it into a square or rectangular tray to the depth of three inches. Place this on a table before you. Hold a pencil or similar object loosley in your hand and place its point on the center of the sand. Close your eyes and state your question. Breath deeply and relax.

You'll have a strong urge to move the pencil. Let it move of its own accord across and through the sand. Continue this until the pencil stops moving, or in about three minutes.

Remove the pencil and look down at the symbols on the sand. There may be legible words or symbols in the sand. There may also be Y for yes, an N for no, or a P for perhaps. Some of the most commonly seen symbols in the sand include:

Large circle: Misfortune.

Small circle: News, especially pertaining to work.

Triangle: Success.

Square: Obstacles.

A Long Line: A Journey.

A Short Line: A Visitor.

A Heart: Love, relationships, and frienships.

Broken or uneven heart: Partings.

A Flower: Beginnings.

An X: Love.

If other symbols appear, interpret them with your question in mind.