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The Northern & Southern Sabbat Dates

The southern Hemisphere differs from the Northern Hemisphere in the following ways:
In the Southern Hemisphere, the moon and all of the other planets move across the night sky from right to left. Here in the Northern Hemisphere everything moves from the left to the right.
Also, the constellations in the Southern Hemisphere are dramatically different from the Northern Hemisphere.
In the Southern Hemisphere, they celebrate Summer while here in the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate Winter. Therefore, the dates for the Sabbats are as follows:

Samhain (Northern) October 31st
Samhain (Southern) April 30th/May 1st

Imbolc (Northern) February 2nd
Imbolc (Southern) August 1st

Beltane (Northern) May 1st
Beltane (Southern) October 31st/November 1st

Lughnasadh (Northern) August 1st
Lughnasadh (Southern) February 1st/2nd

Yule (Northern) December 22nd
Yule (Southern) June 21st

Ostara (Northern) March 21st
Ostara (Southern) September 21st/22nd

Litha (Northern) June 21st
Litha (Southern) December 21st/22nd

Mabon (Northern) September 23rd
Mabon (Southern) March 21st