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Oil Divination

You will need a bowl of water and a jar of oive oil. Put the bowl on a table and sit before it. Ask for a general reading of the future and slowly pour a bit of oil into the water. A teaspoon or so is plenty. The oil will rise and float on the water's surface. Watch it for a few moments. Determine the future according to the following list:

* If the oil divides into two sections, an argument may be in the offing. Or, a negative answer.

* If the oil forms a ring (not a filled circle) and this remains unbroken, a business journey will be profitable, or the sick will recover. Or, a positive response.

* If smaller droplets of oil emerge from a larger one, it may indicate pregnancy. This is also a favorable sign for the sick, for it predicts recovery.

* If the oil spreads thinly and covers the entire surface of the water, beware; troubles are ahead.

* Many small, unconnected globules of oil indicate the coming of money.

* A crescent or star shape is extremely fortunate.