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Links To Other Sites

I'm sorry, but late one night while working on this page, I accidentally deleted it, so I have to rebuild it all over again. If you know of any EXCELLENT Wiccan sites, please help me out and send me the links so I can have a look at them and add them to this page. Building this page back up will be a slow process since I have to go in search of sites that I find helpful, so please be patient. Also, feel free to head over to the "Add-A-Link" page and browse through those sites. Thanks!

A banner is provided below if you would like to link to The Wiccan Garden.
Please use the address on the banner. Thanks! :)

The Witches' Voice
In my opinion, this is the best site on Wicca around. With almost 3,000 pages, they have information on just about everything you could think of.

Witch's Brew
A great site for finding contacts in your area and more! There's something here for everyone. :)