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Hi my name is Jade! I guess I'll start my story by telling you how I wound up with a page of my own....
About a year ago, my mommy looked out the window of her bedroom window while she was on the computer (she's always on the computer!!!). Anyway, she saw me across the street at her neighbors house with some of the neighborhood boys and was worried that they were being mean to me, so she watched me more closely. The boys weren't really being mean, but I was a little scared (Shhhh don't tell anyone). After the boys left, she came out and sat on the front porch and I decided to introduce myself. I ran across the street and jumped into her arms. She held me for a few minutes, then told me I had to go home. I don't know what she was talking about since I didn't have a home, but I guess she thought I might live across the street. She walked me back over and put me on the front porch and turned to leave, but I didn't let her get away! I walked back across the street with her. We did this at least 3 times, until she got tired and that's how I knew I had worked my magick on her. *Grin*. She held me for the longest time and talked to me while I took a nap. I was so tired *Yawn* from exploring all day!

My Daddy came out and she introduced us. I remember it as though it were yesterday. It's hard to believe it's been a year already! They talked softly back and forth about loving me forever while I ate. I have no idea where they got the delicious crunchy food. *Yum* Next thing I know, I'm spending the night in the garage! Actually I was there the entire weekend because they wanted to take me to the doctor to make sure I was ok first. It's ok though, because I had lots of food and water and a big comfy pillow to sleep on. They even gave me a nitelight in case I got scared in the dark. My Mommy spent every minute with me playing and cuddling (except when I was asleep) until we went to the doctor that monday.

I didn't like the doctor pricking me and I let him know it by screaming at him! The good thing was, I found out how old I was... 5 months old! (of course I'm all grown up now having the extra year added on). Finally we were on our way home. I spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping in the garage, and finally my mommy came out. I guess she had been waiting on a phone call from the doctor saying I was ok before she took me into the house. She said she had a surprise from me, and boy did she! We went into the house and there to greet me were two more of my fellow felines. I had a instant brother and sister to play with! *Yippee* They didn't like me at first, (I'll admit I was a bit hyper, but what do you expect of a little boy in a new and exciting environment?) but I loved my way into their hearts and now we play and sleep together all of the time. Even though they're like 8 and 9 years older than me, it's like we all grew up together. They taught me the rules of the house and it's been great ever since! I even check the computer every now and then to help my mommy keep up with her email. LOL! I'm truly loved here and I'm very greatful to have found such wonderful parents!

PeekaBoo, I see you!
MOL! (Meowing Out Loud)
Thanks for checking out my page!