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Witchy Downloads

Divination Downloads

Software of new age Tarot (free)

Aids tarot readers in performing their readings (free)

Free Astrology and Horoscopes

Starlogin 3.0 (Divine the future with this astrology program) (free)

Digital Dragon I Ching: divination technology. (demo)

Elaborate Numerology app, produces exhaustive reports (demo)

Dynamic System Tray planetarium (free)

Astrological software (free)

Automated dream analysis and journal software (free for 30 days)

The first software of astrology and astronomy (free)

Consult the ancient oracle and gain insights (demo)

Fun Downloads

A virtual dragon pet for your personal computer (free)

Virtual Pet program for your computer (free)

Ask Morris a yes/no question and get a random reply! (free)

Other Downloads

Track festivals & observances of the pagan calendar (shareware)

Test & train your psychic abilities... (free)

Magic Signs for Lovers (free)

Match Mate (free)


God Bless Those Pagans!

Hi Ho Pagans!

I'm sorry, was it the Pagan remark?

Some of my best friends are witches, really they are! They're very nice.

See, that's what you get when you raise your child to be a Pagan



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