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Dice Divination

The message received is said to usually come to within nine days. It is not recommended to attempt dice divination ona Monday or Wednesday. The Oracle itself determines the message (that is, it won't answer a specific question). Use your own insight to broaden the dice's divinatory ability.

To proceed, place three dice of the same size either in a cup or in your hands. Shake them vigorously and allow them to fall onto a flat surface. Add the numbers that appear on the upper surfaces of the dice, then determine the readind according to this list:

Three: The smallest number that can appear. Pleasant surprises in the very near future.
Four: Unpleasantness of some kind may occur.
Five: Plans will come to fruition; a wish will be granted.
Six: A loss of some kind is forecast.
Seven: Possible difficulties in business, money troubles, gossip and so on.
Eight: Expect criticism.
Nine: Marriage; unions.
Ten: Birth, either of a child or new project.
Eleven: A parting, which may be temporary.
Twelve: A message of importance will soon arrive.
Thirteen: Sorrow.
Fourteen: Friendship; help from a new friend.
Fifteen: Begin no new projects for a few days.
Sixteen: A pleasant journey.
Seventeen: A change in plans may soon be necessary.
Eighteen: Success, a wish will be obtained. This is the very best number to appear.