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Well, I'm glad you decided to come see me. My name is Deva. As you already know, I'm the baby of the family. Of course, I don't get into nearly as much trouble as my brother does. I had a rough start into this world. My birth mother was a stray when she was pregnant with me. My adoptive daddy let her stay in his garage, and that's where I was born. She didn't like me (I don't know why). She wouldn't feed me or give me any love. She loved my brother though. So anyway, he got stronger while I got weaker and gee was I malnourished! Soon, my birth mother left, and never came back. My adoptive daddy had to take me to a special doctor and get me help. I turned out just fine though thanks to my daddy! My only problem is that it stunted my growth a little bit, but that just made me cuter. My brother was adopted out to a good home in Columbus, Ohio that needed a little boy to love. I still get pictures every now and then of him. I told him not to worry though, because my step-brother takes good care of me. I also have a new adoptive mommy that loves me too.

My mommy took this picture while I was sleeping.That wasn't very nice was it? I don't take pictures of her while she's asleep...HMMMM...Where is that camera anyway? I always like to pose for the camera. I just eat it up! I think Tigger gets a little jealous because my pictures are posed for. His pictures get taken like when he's in the bathtub, or getting a drink of water. My mommy says that's ok, because it lets us see the "natural" side of him. Well, I could go on and on here, but I'm not going to bore you. I'm surprised to see you even made it this far! But thanks! I appreciate it. I wasn't as lucky to get to be on the first page. Maybe next time. I think I'll go see what Tigger is doing.Bye!

You're still here!?!

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