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Cleansing is done to remove any negative energy, vibrations or images from an object or place by utilizing positive, psychic energy.

Cleansing Tools:
There are several methods for cleansing tools.

One way is to dip the tool in a natural downward running stream or other body of water. It is best to do this at night under a full Moon or at mid-day when the sun is at its highest peak.

Another way to cleanse a tool is to wrap it in a black silk cloth with a black onyx stone. Keeping it in a place dark and undisturbed for a minimum of 3 days.

You can also cleanse a tool by hanging it or placing it in the direct light of a full Moon overnight.

Thunderstorms with lightning are also an excellent way to cleanse your tools. Hang or place your tool in a window or other safe location where it is completely exposed (yet staying dry) to the full effects of the storm. Not only will this cleanse your tool, but it will also charge it giving it the energy (or some of it) of the storm. Don't be surprised if it's "sparkly" to the touch. It is not advised to do this during severe storms such as hurricanes, tonadoes, etc. (sorry, I had to add that. LOL!)

Cleansing Space:

Holding a high vibration incense such as sandalwood, sage, frankincense, myrrh, or pine, walk slowly around your space in a clockwise direction. Fan the smoke while saying "By the spirit within me, I hearby cleanse this space". You can say your own thing if you like, just as long as you state your purpose. Be sure to walk the circle at least three times.

You can also cleanse space by doing the above except using Holy water, sprinkling it on the ground lightly as you walk your circle. Or, use your broom and sweep side to side. You don't have to actually touch the ground, but some people do because the sound of the swishing broom helps to calm them and helps them focus.