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Circle Preparation

NOTE: First-Find 'Magnetic NORTH' using a compass.


1. Compass

2. Besom.

3. Holy Water.


Begin in the South, and with your Besom, sweep side to side in a clock wise - Deosil- spiral to the center of the Ritual Area.


Sweep, Sweep. I cleanse this space,

By the powers of the sacred Besom, I cleanse this space.

To purify, to sanctify, I cleanse this place.... ...So Mote It Be


Now take the Holy Water and start from the center of the spiral that you just completed, start from this point and spiral outwards counter clockwise - Widdershines- and scantly sprinkle the water over the entire ritual area.


Water is Life, from which we came and to which we will return. By this, the Water of the Gods, shall I sanctify this space and cleanse this place. To ready it for magick and ritual by the Lord and Lady's Grace. To ready it for Gods and Witches alike. To honor and invoke, to cast and to celebrate.

Powers of the Divine, Consecrate this space!

...So Mote It Be

Begin Casting the Circle from it's center facing EAST!