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Welcome To the Teen Baby World

Just to clarify this is a website devoted to teenbabies this site is in no way to be associated with pedophilia, pronography or any other sort of sexual nature. This page has been assembled as a support page for teen agers and pre-teens who wear diapers. Whether that is of a sexual nature depends on the individual. This page and the ownders of this page do not endorse not condone the use of diapers or "babying"as a sexual behavior. We do however believe that people have a right to express themselves in a safe and friendly environment. On this page, teen babies and bedwetters will be able to meet and interact with others who feel the same way, thus proving that they are not alone. Many pages concerning teen babies and bedwetters have been removed from the internet because people think of it only as a sexual fetish and do not realize that the vast majority of teen baby and bedwetting pages are actually support pages put up to tell teens that they are not alone!

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