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Robs Callisto Page is a part of the Callisto: Warrior Queen, Webring


  Callisto is CrAzY, she is totally flipped, she is a Psycho killer,  she is after Xena, and most of all, she is BEAUTIFUL!!

I am a big Xena fan but since Callisto joined the series she stole my heart
(I didn't dare to ask it back from her), this woman, named after a Goddess, is the opponent of Xena The warrior princess, she was forced to see her family die when Xenas army attacked her village.    Actually, the women and children who died were killed by accident but that didn't matter to Callisto, they died, didn't they?   She swore to kill Xena and hurt her with everything she had and as much as she could, if this can be done by killing a complete village or hurting Gabrielle, Xena's friend, no problem!
She ended up as a Goddess in Tartarus after eating Ambrosia, the bread of the Gods.
Before this, she died, and........ well    you have to find that out by yourself by visiting the links on this page, won't you?

The complete story can be found at the sites my links point to, I will be upgrading this page as soon as I find new links, which is not so difficult, the the only problem is the Quality of these sites, they must as least be better as my own pages, (Also not too difficult I Think : ) and contain lots of pictures, links and history of Callisto and Hudson Leick (the actress who is Callisto).

The WEBRings are good sources of pics and sounds


Latest news!!!
Remember I told you about my stolen heart somewhere in the text above?
well, there has been some change since I wrote that,
someone else also wanted my heart, so I took it back from Callisto and gave it to her
We got married in Januari 2000, and: I GOT A SON!! He is called PATRICK




One Last Reminder, found on the Hudson Leick Newsletter

In June, Hudson taped another episode of Xena: Warrior Princess that is scheduled to air sometime in the upcoming season. Watch your local tv listings for the exact date, and time, and don't forget to set those VCRs.

Hudson will also be going back to New Zealand in November to tape another Xena episode. We'll keep you informed if we find out when either of these episodes are due to air.

Until next time... Be Well, Everyone...

Debbie - 1st Fire

Sorry if this was not meant to be copied from the newsletter, but I thought it was important, Rob :)

Here are the links I already collected:

Callisto Hudson Leick
Callisto's Chasm Hudson Tribute
Callisto's Universe Hudson Leick Official Fan Club
  Mike C's Hudson Leick Fan Site
Callisto Web Themes Hudson Leick Link Exchange
Callisto's Army Home Page Hudson Leick Gallery    a MUST for the real fan, check out the Miscellaneous section with the videos they are large but GOOOOOOOOD!!
Callisto Pictures
Temple of Callisto  
Callisto's Army Home Page
Jill's Callisto (Xena) Links
Callisto  (1)
Callisto   (2)
Callisto_90's dedication to Hudson Leick and Callisto
Callisto Web Rings Hudson Leick Webrings
Callisto's Army Web Ring The Hudson Leick Webring!  (one)
Callisto Warrior Queen Web Ring The Hudson Leick Webring     (another one)
Callisto's Ring of Chaos Tributes to Hudson Leick
Ring of the Followers of the Goddess Hope
Talk Excite!, Hercules and Xena Villains Webring!
The Chakram
The Official Callisto's Domain Webring
The Xena and Hercules Supplemental Character WebRing The Xena Pyramid Ring
The Xenaverse WebRing Xena & Cast Webring
Xena & Gab Ring Xena Kicks Butt!!

Hey!! Check this out!!!

Proud Member: Hudson Leick Link Exchange

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