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If Siren were a filly, I think she's look like this.... *G*

Fashion Star Fillies!
Welcome to the Filly's Paddock!

I admit it... when Fashion Star Fillies first came out, I didn't notice them.
(I seemed to be obsessed with a certain other plastic horsey-toy :)

The story really begins the christmas I was twelve; my grandmother had given me thirty dollars to find gifts for my three sisters and I. I found the Fashion Star Fillies, and knew how much my sisters would love them. Unfourtunately, I only had enough money to buy three, so I - gallently - went without. That was the Christmas my mom got me the GC Jumper and Rider set, it was just as nice, but I kinda wished I had a filly.

About two years ago, I came accross a beautiful pink filly with teal points, hanging in a baggy at Value Village. Of course I bought her imeadiately :) I didn't know here name, and I wasn't sure if I would keep her, but she went up on the shelf between Crumpet and Baby Ruby. After a year had past, it became official. There were Fillies in my collection!

I love these horses' flashy, pearly colours, and thier long, flowing hair. I love thier elegant poses, striding grace. I love everything about them... except thier names. (Frankly, thier names are terrible! I will definately have to work on better ones...) And, being just a little odd, I like them better in the nude. *Ahem* I mean, I like them better without thier accessories, just being beautiful... horses... :)

My Fillies:

That's the name of my very first filly. I know... awful! How did they name these girls? scan Hollywood for the the tackiest trend and sign a birth certificate? Janel makes me think of... flannel. And that's not exactly fitting attire for a FSF ;)
This name is only slightly better then Janel. She was my second filly, and my first "adult" (then, wouldn't she be a "mare"?) Janel was a teen, and the three fillies of yesteryears were teens, too. I didn't realizes how big "grown" fillies were!
*pic missing*
(actually, I gave this
filly to my sister ;)
I like this name only beucase I am a Sailor Moon Fan. Otherwise, I don't think human names suit horses. Period.
One can argue whether "Calla" is a human name. I don't know anyone named Calla (I also don't know anyone named Newton, Guido, or Mallory) It's almost a horsy name. But it dosn't suit this horse.
This is such a pretty pose. And she has such pretty markings! She's beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that I'm not going to mar her image by making any comment about her name.

Not a bad looking stallion if you ask me... and he's completely smitten by shy Chloe :) Now, if they only made Baby FSF...

Why name a lovely violet mare Nikki? Becuase they can. Maybe that was the name of thier daughter. Maybe they were all the names of thier daughters. Maybe it's a huge conspiracy! Maybe they have spies! Maybe... I should call her Twilight...
I have one word for this pretty horse - Sun Rise! I guess I should be happy they didn't call her "Dawn". Hey... I can dig out my mythology books, find out who the "dawn" goddess was. THAT would be a grand name!
This, possibly, is the most horrible name of all! No, no, I think that would still have to be Flannel Janel, but it's pretty darn close. Which is a shame, becuase this filly is very pretty in person; scans never do justice!
Jocelyn (pink)
What a pretty horse! Her colours are just perfect :) And with her those finely drawn eye brows of hers, she almost looks... japanese :) Now, what's the japanese word for Cherry Blossom again? That would be a good name :)
I admit it, I like pink. I reaaaaly like pink. I am the biggest tomboy I know, and my favorite colour is pink. So Shara is a lovely pony :) And after I spent three hour painstakingly re-curling her hair, she looks *beautiful*. As soon as I get my camera working, I will have before and after pictures!
See the pictures!
Dara (calla pose)
Great horse, bad name... I see a pattern emerging... Why name a vibrant green, goddess-of-the-earth horse Dara? Was this name hip at one time? (no offence to anyone actually named Dara... I'm sure your parent meant well...)
Fair Anya... a rare anomoly of a filly in that I like her name... I actually like her name! Zebra stripes are cool to :) Her colours are just right!
At last! I was beginning to think they'd never get here! I fell in love with this filly from the momment I saw her... I mean, isn't she georgeous? but then, I've always loved blue horses :)
I have to say it; what else come to mind but "marcey darcey chicken at large!" So I said it. And now I can get on to say what a lovely filly this is! And she's perfectly mint... what's not to love about that?!


My very own filly :) Thanks so much to Tracy who found me the run-down Calla; I think she looks just beautiful in her reincarnation :) Her colours are even better in real life, too!

More pics coming soon... Tamara, Jasmine, Cleo & Chantilly!

Extra Fillies:
I will trade or sell these girls, so if you need them, just give me a shout!

Janel - I have two, and can't decide wich to part with - so please help me decide ;)

Raquel - she's missing her braids, a few scuffs, but otherwise she's a very nice filly. She is in the Calla pose.

Jasmine - she has bad hair! it's a bit thin, frizzy at the bottom, and there are a few little snips here and thier... *sigh* What a shame! She could probably be fixed up by a dedicated hairdresser; after all, she's a rather hard-to-find filly!

The same person you brought you Fashion Star Fillies is now in charge of the beautiful line of realistic horses "Grand Champions". You thought those Fantasy Fillies looked familiar!
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