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Welcome to Whimsy's Place!

Whimsy Updated Last: January 12, 2005

I know, I know... where are all those great new features I keep talking about? I'm getting there. Really! (running a model horse ID site tends to take up a lot of your time) But there are new pictures in the custom gallery, and an updated trade list.

Stay tunned for info on this summer's Pony Festival!

Where would you like to go?

The Great Trade Page!

See if your missing pony is here!!

Whimsy's Custom Corner

Where ponies are created :)

The Art of MLP

A gallery unto themselves :)

Links Away!

Explore the rest of Ponyland

Whimsy's Tale

the story of the l'il white alicorn ;)

Strange Things

...that wander into Ponyland..

The Attic - 80's Toys

Everything else I have for sale that you never even knew you wanted!

The Grand Champion ID Site

My other passion - a great reference site :)

The Stables

Where my other toy horses roam :)

Once Upon a Pony

How it all began.... Pony collecting, that is!

The Great Pony List

For those who like drooling over other collections ;)

Stawberry's Patch

My collection of dolls and thier friends:)

Mom and Baby Lickety Split... what a darling pair! You would never guess these pretty pink ponies are always a getting into trouble! Why, just the other day Mother was baking cookies and Lickety left the door open and then a Waggleby....

Which reminds me... hasn't anyone "caught" a Waggleby yet?!

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