~My School~

good old F.E. Madill Secondary School!! it's home to me, my high school. all in all it's not bad, but it has a really gay homepage made by some female students! too bad!
the Madill homepage
and here's a brief little blurb of common knowledge about the school. Frank Edward Madill founded it (hence the F.E. Madill part! *g*) and i think it burned down once or something, not too sure though! it's a nicely built school, but the painting and colour scheme aren't the nicest. there are pink lockers, yellow lockers, green lockers, blue locker, white lockers, and so on...
population: approx. 1,200
principal: Mr. Tessier
staff: approx. 65, i think!
founded: long time ago! (1890-something, i think!)
grades: 9-OAC
mascot: mustang (as in the HORSE, not the car!)
school colours: purple and white
it can be crowded, but madill is one of the best schools around. there are a lot of halls, and they all have little nicknames. there's main hall, tech hall, science hall, history hall, gym hall, co-op hall, math hall, business hall, french hall, music hall, the little upstairs hall with english and business courses above music hall, and the skinny hall (formerly special needs hall). plus there's the main foyer, smoking section, cafeteria, bubble, and parking lot. cool, huh? you feel enriched and smarter knowing all this???
my locker!
here's a pic of science hall (where my locker is)
gayle and me in the library (Oct. 98)
gayle, me and eileen HARD AT WORK (yeah right) in the library (Oct. 98)
me doing my "pike" fish face...not a great pic, might i add!!! *lol* but you get the idea...

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