~Me Online~

alright people, here's some of my bestest online friends...they're the coolest, i wouldn't trade them in for anything in the world...(well, maybe a FEW things, but...*lol*)
isn't he a cutie!! *g* too bad he's gay *lol* j/k he has a girlfriend, so either he's straight or he's trying REAL hard to cover up! *lol* just kidding this guy here is one of the funniest guys i know - and i hate him for it! this man-stallion nymphomatic creature is also the genious who fixed a glitch in my page....thanks a kazillion...= he's also very nice when he wants to be, which is rarely ever...i treat him like the big brother i never had...so if ya see him in coolchat, make sure to give him a hard time. *g* he's 21 from oklahoma...
joel's page
email: jssander@brightok.net
hey milli vanilli! *lol* j/k c.s. is the coolest smartest guy around...hee hee...like most of the people i know on here, he sure loves to make fun of me (maybe cause it's so easy to do, i dunno) but he's almost as easy to make fun of so it's all good!! ain't that right, STUD? *l* he's 20 from ohio...he's also the one who manufactures all my banners and shit (DOZENS of 'em...i'm too damn picky! *l*) oh and milly if yer reading this...HURRY UP AND SIGN MY DAMN BOOK!!!! GRRRRR....*g* but thanks amill-ion *l* for the banners...they look good, eh?? *g* luv ya!
college stud's page
email: amill_rivera@hotmail.com
poor reaps doesn't have a pic up yet...tsk tsk...haven't seen him around for months, but i'm sure he's kicking around somewhere...WHEREVER YOU ARE, DAN, I MISS YA!! but never fear, i just caught up with him again...poor guy hasn't changed a bit! *lol* he's the weirdest...but i luv him! from what i remember he's 19 and from britain. he pretty much taught me everything there is to know about homepages and such...i owe him BIG TIME! oh, and if any of you fellow canucks know the price of a "Maple Bear" beenie baby in canada, just email it to reaps here cause he wants to know...
email: reaper@reaperville.net
CHUCKLES! chucky here is the coolest. he's 20 from virginia. he goes to an all boys school. wish IIIII went to one! *lol* and this pic i posted is a rare thing...i'm the only one in the world who's seen it on the web!! woo hoo!! bet y'all feel special now!! anyways, he's my buddy and i can't really think of anything else to say. *l*
email: satterwhitec@tiger.hsc.edu
aka. goldust 3:16...if ya see him in coolchat holler at him, although ever since i convinced him to get icq he's been a stranger to coolchat...TRAITOR! *lol* j/k don's a funny guy...too bad he has no pic yet. i HATE that!! we never seem to catch up to each other lately...'cept when i'm at school and hafta switch classes! *l* sheesh...so don, when you read this, send me a f**king message so i know you're still alive too!! *g*
email: goldust3_16@hotmail.com
Logan Creed
man, it took FOREVER to find that pic! *l* good old stevie (<-he hates it when people call him that so watch out!) isn't on the net no more, but we still email back and forth and stuff like that. he's pretty cool. one of the few who doesn't LIVE for making fun of me...we make fun of other people together!! *lol* especially joel cause he's a freakshow (and he's not a nympho that was just a joke! =D) and no matter what you say, stevie...i don't bow down to ANYONE!! (except myself in the mirror...*lol* j/k) umm...poor stevie, i'm gonna visit him this summer, stuck in the hellhole known as pembroke *lol* as if wingham isn't any better! oh well! he's 21 from ontario! *s*
Logan's page of crap *lol*
email: godv_100@hotmail.com
spike here is weird. he used to be a pro masseuse!! *g* my kinda man!! *lol* he's 23 from wisconsin...all you crazy americans...i dunno 'bout you guys! *lol* anyways, little spike here has a habit of leaving just when i log on or vice versa, but we actually get to chat on the odd occasion!! hee hee!! anyways, yer so damn cool, spike...now get up off the floor! *lol*
spike's page
jason...it's been a long road to friendship, my dear...started out great...got a little - what the word? - PISSED OFF??? at you...but we're still friends and i'm glad we were able to keep it like that. just remember, buddy - - NEVER try to beat me at a verbal battle, buster!! hee hee but he's cool...to bad he's such a GEASER!! haha he's 27 from texas and he's got quite the little drawl...he'll deny it but i know it's true! *l* and he's a TREKKIE at that!! (what a freak!! *l*) anyways, we get along great...he's pretty funny, for an old guy!! *lol*
his trekkie page! *l*
email: jasontorres@hotmail.com
this pic is an exclusive as well! y'all should feel really priviledged! anyways, this is my lord, strahd. *lol* he's very poetic and sweet, ladies...*s* and lord, i'm not trying to suck up, it's the truth!! *l* if ya see him in coolchat, give him a holler, just tell him you know me and he'll luv ya! *lol* WHATEVER!!
email: levarris@twlakes.net
brent here's had a rough go...and that pic is ANOTHER exclusive brought to you by marianne...*lol* brent rocks, though, he's the funniest! he also lives pretty damn close to me!! he's 17 from ontario and i'm gonna hang out with him sometime!! i'm determined to...next time i'm in your town, brent!! kay?? *s* i promise!! luv ya! my god you crack me up though!! he's my "cyber sex parnter" *lol* ain't that right??? he's also my hired help...whenever i feel like harassing someone, he's always willing to help out!! *l* yer the best, hun...
haven't seen this character for a while either!! *l* but he keeps changing his nick's so much i can't keep track of who he is so no wonder, eh?? anyways, if anyone sees him tell him to get his ass online!! hee hee he's the best! i luv him too!! *g*

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