okay people here's the deal, this is just a page to let you know various ways to contact me...
add me to your icq if you have it, my number is 31597733! i'll talk to just about anyone! and if you have any questions, just ask!
if you don't have icq, but would like to send me a short message, just fill this in and click and i'll get it! *s* if you want me to respond, put your email in...if you don't want a response, then it's not too important!

Send me an ICQ message?
Your name
Your email addy
Whatever you wanna say to me, say it here!


and, if you don't have icq, i would strongly suggest you get it! it's DA BOMB!! all ya gotta do is go to www.icq.com/download and just work your way through it! once you figure out how it works, it ROCKS! i'm not just saying that either. you can talk to your friends whenever they're online, no matter what you or they are doing!! kewl, eh?
or, if you're not getting a response, you can send it alternatively to:
but i'd prefer if you used to first one, just because! thanks!!
also, i have a little blurb to add about hotmail. if ya don't log out every time you use it, it's fairly easily hacked into - just a word of warning. also, don't make your hint question too easy. it should be something that ONLY YOU know! no one else. i should know, both of my hotmail accounts got hacked into on me. it was annoying as hell!! yahoo is better, but i prefer usa.net. it's pretty good!! but don't take my word for it...*g*
i chat at:
if you wanna find me there, i'll most likely be in personal's C chat room, under the name

if you see me there, gimme a holler and tell me you were at my page, and i'll be overwhelmed and chat with you! so hope to hear from you, whoever you are! bye!

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